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p1010015.jpgp1010017.jpgI call this phase 1. There is bad news and good news. There was a small fire in my room. The good news is that my computer was not damaged. The pictures I have posted are the begianning of the repairs.

reggiebibbs-128.jpgBelieve it or not, but this is a major improvement. The green wall is gone.

The hole in the wall is repaired. I have a new desk, or work area. I have plenty of room which I did not have before. A lot has been done, and still more improvements are to come. Stay tuned for the finish project. This makes it a lot easer to do my web-site posting and flickr post.

3 thoughts on “BEDROOM REPAIRS

  1. So, what’s next? The bed looks pretty cool and it matches the desk. I think you could use some zebra striped curtains or a flaming red bedsheets.

  2. Thank you for your suggestion, but I can’t do the flaming red anything. Now the zebra curtians I can do.

  3. Looks awesome Reggie! I have what looks like the same bed, so you obviously have exceptional taste (hee hee).

    Glad the fire wasn’t any more destructive and that you are safe!!!

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