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Bayou City Bosses Fundraiser at Buffalo Fred’s Icehouse

Lou and I had an incredible time at the Bayou City Bosses Fundraiser last Saturday!

Everyone came up to us and said hi and posed for photos. I think Lou has a thing for Audiomind because he sure took enough photos of her!!! : >

Enjoyed talking with some of my favorite skaters including Carmen Geddit, Death by Chocolate, Sinista Sista, Mistilla the Killa, Audiomind and all the rest too numerrous to mention.

The next match is June 8th and Lou and I already have our tickets!!! If you’re interested in going, get your tickets today as they’re only going to sell 300 of them!

33 thoughts on “Bayou City Bosses Fundraiser at Buffalo Fred’s Icehouse

  1. Hey everyone! Hey Reggie, sorry I missed all of the fun this weekend, but I had a little fishing to do. Looks like a good time was had by all… except for the girls Lou constantly stalked with his camera.

  2. I was NOT stalking, I was doing a photo essay. Is it my fault that Carmen, Mistilla and Audiomind kept on sneaking into the frame?

  3. A photo essay you say… now I see why the girls don’t use their real names!

  4. And all of the phone numbers they gave me were wrong numbers. I can see one girl not remembering correctly, but ALL of them?!!!

  5. LOL that is funny Lou looks like you got some good pics though

  6. Yeah, it was a lot of fun! Mistilla was there and we were able to talk for a while. It was nice and laid back although I think the hot days and the alcoholic beverages may have had something to do with that.

  7. Of course they were fake numbers… didn’t you get suspicious when you noticed they ALL started with “555.”

  8. Hey guys just got back from Percussion Center Drums. I was looking for that auto harp tining wrench. Earnest and Jim was there and was very nice. The tool I been, then didn’t have, but took time to find it on line for me. So it’s hot and I need cold coke.

    Lou you didn’t tell anybody who sat in my lap did you?

  9. Hi Matt,

    I missed William and you Saturday and Sunday.

  10. I hear it was fun! Is Steak Night in the works again for this week? I may not be able to do PJs, but can hang out after.

  11. I think it might be on. If your ears can stand my bad playing I won’t mind.

  12. reggie, did you order a wrench online?

  13. No I didn’t order it they just told me where to look on the web. which was a good thing. I have site. Check your mail.

  14. (_)? (_)? (_)? Starbucks time

  15. I have checked my mail and there is nothing there from the coward, Reggie Bibbs.

  16. Hey we will see who the coward is. Matt William and you need to get on the horn with me. We need as answer like right now.

  17. Shelley, I know what you mean. I’m having mine now.

  18. I guess nobody blogs any more now that we have chat.

  19. I’m here and was on chat

  20. having problems on chat, I would post something and it akes for ever maybe as long as 6 or more minutes and some I never did see my own post. Will try later

  21. I went to chat today and it’s looking good.

  22. REggie where are you , your never home when I call!!!!

  23. Hope to see you all here. Mail server is still down, but you should be able to blog.

  24. Reggie but still tell me where you are?

  25. Hi Tim

    Been working hard with website friends building my website, making it user friendly. Also getting a new server that can handle my email needs. Things are good now.

  26. sounds good Reggie talk to you later today buddy

  27. Brian Email me. I want to make sure I’m getting emails. I will check my box around 10:00. I’m working on something now.

  28. PARTY!!!!!

  29. not with lou only with REGGIE!!!!

  30. YO Bloggers

  31. YO! Shelley what’s up? Everyone will need to create a new account on chat. We are switching over to the new. We are expecting it to be in working correctly in the next few day. You just have to check everyday. I will be here or there.

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