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Houston Roller Derby “Battle of Champions” this Saturday!!! FINAL BOUT OF THE SEASON!!!

3645979408_c27f7671a4_b3539584406_acd06ffe80_bCHAMPIONSHIP TITLE BOUT: AUGUST 15, 2009 – Psych Ward Sirens vs. Bayou City Bosse$

This Saturday, August 15th, The Houston Roller Derby will have the battle of the champions. Psych Ward Sirens vs Bayou City Bosses. Both are super great teams. Its going to be a great bout. Can’t wait. Also I looking forward to seeing the Burlesque Brawlers. I’m a fan of them all. Hope everyone can come out!

This is Lou talking: This may be your last chance to see incredible roller derby action in Houston this year! And this Saturday, is going to be a match for the ages as Mistilla the Killa, jammer for the Psych Ward Sirens takes on Death by Chocolate, of  the Bayou City Bosses!!!!

August 15th at KICKS Indoor!
Bout 1: Burlesque Brawlers host the Spindletop Roller Girls
Bout 2: Psych Ward Sirens vs Bayou City Bosse$

Doors Open at 6PM; Whistle Blows at 7PM
Get there early to get a good seat!

Charity: Hope Stone, Inc
Halftime: Stamen
After Party: 6th Street Sports Bar and Grill
2701 White Oak, Houston, Texas 77007

69 thoughts on “Houston Roller Derby “Battle of Champions” this Saturday!!! FINAL BOUT OF THE SEASON!!!

  1. I wonder who’s going to win it in the last few seconds this week, Mistilla or DBC?

  2. That is the most nerve wrecking part of all the bouts. The last few seconds.

  3. i sure wish i could go to the roller derby reggie always leave me out i think it because im cajun.

  4. I get invited, so I can’t invited someone when I’m a guess. Gees, give me a break for crying out loud, why don’t you. Well that was the best answer I can give, with out using the reason you gave.

  5. it is totally because you are a cajun. Reggie is constantly talking bad about fiddles, swamps, crawfish, and pappadeaux.

  6. yeah he just hating on my cajun heritage thats all that is. You say you get “invited” but the you take grandmama, lisa ‘nem, and her bus load of kids!

  7. You trying to say Lisa have a lot of ba ba kids? I didn’t take Lisa with us. They drove and Coty followed them. Hey just thought of a good idea. Why don’t you get Coty to bring you with her kids. They would enjoy that.

  8. I aint trying to to say, hell I am saying she have alot of kids. But I will pass on that Coty deal I guess yall dont like my kind around just the Italians and the blacks. LOL

  9. All are welcome, you know that is not how we roll. Have you ever been to the roller derby?

  10. No because you wont take me!

  11. HI Everybody I wish I could go to the Roller Derby and help Reggie on harrassing Lou

  12. I have another secret to let out. Reggie, I hope you still talk to me. i am 1/2 coon ass.
    oh yeah, farm animals.

  13. 12 Of course I will still talk to you. If you can be friends with Lou, then you can be friends with anyone.

  14. After hours of listening to her beg and plead, mama has convinced me to make my triumphant return to the blog! Though…I hadn’t realized I had been gone that long.

    But I thought about it and I couldn’t let poor Reggie be a lonely chocolate chip in a bowl of milk. No! My calling is to help thicken out the swirl! And damnit I shall!

    Ron! I like it spicey! Keep it up!
    Shelly! I love me a bbw!
    Lou! I got fifty dollars in singles! I think its time we pay the ol’ strip club a lil visit!
    Shana! I heard about the new job! I just hope you’re not the one we end up giving these singles to!
    And Reggie! You know what time it is. Do something strange for a little piece of change. I wanna stand behind you and watch you touch your toes baby!

  15. #3 No, Roncetta, it’s not because you’re a cajun, it’s because you are a negro.

  16. Welcome back, Lei. You were missed.

  17. Behave all of you. Lou don’t make me call my entourage. Lei, Flattering will get you in high places. Roncetta I would be happy if you go , I hook you up with someone. I’m sure it won’t be a problem. Shana, Nothing wrong with being half of a full cajun. Lou never worried about what is he, Lou. Who wants to be him. Not even Lou wants to be Lou.

  18. i thought we were your entourage, reggie.
    lei, i haven’t spoken to you in weeks, I don’t know what your talking about.
    Lou, i just have nothing to say to you out of principle.

  19. Hey Reggie I have a question what is bbw?

  20. Yes, you are my entourage bigassmamma,

    Can you help with Shelley’s question. She would like to know what is bbw? I don’t know what it is neither.

  21. big beautiful woman! i think. i just googled it. Lei probably made it up! hope you are well shelley!

  22. PS. no derby for us this weekend. 🙁

  23. HI Everybody

  24. TY Shana for the answer Im doing great

  25. I am not a negro Lou, I hate kool- aid, rap, fried chicken, and I voted for Mc Cain, and I dont have bad credit! But i do like crawfish, gator, and boudin, fishing and hunting, and Im from Louisianna. And Reggie I think I will pass on who ever your are trying to hook me up with, I am happily in love with Matthew and them other white boys at the lake.

  26. Reggie would you take Roncetta to the Roller Derby PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR on top

  27. thanks Roncetta for being the only other person on the blog who voted McCain. Us coon asses gotta stick together. PS I promise I will never say anything political again. But only if Lou is still willing to give me the bucee’s magnet I passed up. The cool wooden one. I have regretted it every day of my life since. Plus, why are you guys not begging me to go to the Derby. I am hurt.

  28. comment, 28 Please tell Jeff to take you to the Roller Derby. I think I may go. Got to check with Lou. Maybe he has something else planed.

    One question Roncetta. What does it have on your ID? That is your answer, thank you very much!

  29. My ID doesn’t have anything to do with us and the roller derby?

  30. Your ID is not suppose to say anything about the roller derby. Anyway why should it? You don’t work there and you never been? Your ID has your race. Look on it, it will remind you if you forgot.

  31. Hey! Keep Kool-aid out of this!
    Kool-aid has never done anything to anyone!
    Leave Kool-aid out of your race wars!

  32. Everyone loves Kool-aid.

  33. well on my ID its a small box checked other!

  34. Oh…ok I didn’t know that. That’s cool.

  35. cool like kool-aid?

    where the hell is lou?

    my ID says “onebadassmuthaf**ker”

  36. oh yeah Reggie, Matt said he doesnt mind driving and he also said he is going tobake you some cookies

  37. Chocolate chip I hope. it would be nice if Shana and Lei could go to camp. How old are the little ones Shana.

    I have seen the photos on facebook, but can’t believe how fast time goes. Which reminds me Roncetta. I have a picture for you. I don’t think you have this one. It is a good one. I think you was Tia’s age.

  38. the little ones are great. I need to put more on facebook. is it too late to sign up for a day of camp? give me the dates again.

  39. bigassmama, I’ll give you the Buc-ee’s device when I see you next. Also, I’ll give you your glasses and ear-rings that you left the other night. Oh, was I supposed to keep that a secret?

  40. he said they gonna be chocolate chip but he’s gonna make the chips himself and email me that pic

  41. Dates for the Texas NF Camp are Sept. 11 -13, 2009. I would call the office asap 972.868.7942 or 7943.

  42. lou, i threw away the other earing. the memories were just too painful. . .
    John, i will call right now. thanks.

  43. Shana,

    Talk to Cindy let her know I ask you to call about camp. Maybe tomorrow you can call if you haven’t today. I’m sure Roncetta can show you around. Like where to find the lake. Lou can help you find the tree house. I’m a innocent man. I know nothing and see nothing. Lei you like kool aid? Grape is a good one. Have made any in a few dozen years.

  44. Reggie! Grape?! Come on man! You’re setting the movement back a few hundred years with that statement alone!

  45. Hey yall guess what Im too chicken to go to camp this year

  46. Sorry, when I said asap, I knew the office would be closed, so you will need to do at 9:00am. I tried to call earlier today, they were away. Besure to mentioned Reggie or John. Other person if not talking to Cindy is Melissa.. 972.868.7943 or 7942.

  47. No Reggie, I think you know that tree house better than anybody.

  48. Reggie innocent ? yeah right

  49. i have called and got the dates. she said it really is just for people with NF, but we could still go up for the day. i thought that was strange. . . I figured us going may help to spread the word and show support. she is supposed to get back to me with the details on how much it will cost and all that stuff. So i guess we will see. I talked to her at 9 am and haven’t heard yet, so i am curious to see what she says!

  50. Hey Reggie am I a groupie too ?

  51. Shana,

    I’m like you. I thought it would be a nice thing that you would want to go, and be there for support and to meet others people with nf. And maybe tell your friends and help your little ones to understand. Its good that they said being there for a day is ok. Maybe it is going to be a lot of people there this year. Yes Shana, I’m innocent.

    Roncetta I have no idea what you are talking about. What tree house?

    Lei, What kind would you suggest? Lou, shut up!


  52. Looks like we’re back up. Sorry, never saw the expiration notice from Network Solutions. We have just re-upped for five years.

  53. Reggie is not innocent yall should hear the things he calls his sister Lisa.

  54. I said I was innocent, not perfect.

  55. I think I would like to hear these things he calls his sister. Someone might need a spanking.

  56. -I say bad things too!!! I definitely need to be punished!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. maybe one day i will record him and put it on youtube

  58. Lou is just saying that because he want Lei, and Shana to punish him.

  59. dirty old man lol

  60. Nothing wrong with a dirty old man. Thats who whips and chains are for.

  61. I was in Taylor (ne of Austin) yesterday. I was at their 32nd Annual BBQ Cook off. Walking around with my camera, some thought I was with the press, a offical, a judge… many gave me taste of their BBQ. I did pretty well. I think I will find another BBQ cook off somewhere and go again.

  62. I got into the press area at the New Orleans Jazz Fest with my camera. Got to see Johnny Winter VERY up close!

  63. Does have it perks. Having a pro camera and act like you know what going on.

  64. i am drunk. that is all i have to say.

  65. Well since we’re putting it out there…I’m a little high…thats all MOI has to say…

  66. I always miss the good comments. I better stick around a little more often

  67. Lei,

    Let me know when your drunk. That’s all I’m saying. You too bigassmamma.

  68. Why I gotta be drunk? Maybe I want to be sober when we do this thang. Maybe I want to remember it. Maybe I want to make you some breakfast in the morning. You know you gotta pamper big daddy after he puts it on ya.

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