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Bad news, Reggie will not be able to attend his fundraiser!



I just talked with Reggie W. Bibbs and although he will be released from M.D. Anderson tomorrow, he will not be able to attend the fundraiser on Sunday that we have had planned for a couple of months.

He was to bake some cakes and hang out with all his friends but he will be wheelchair bound with an IV pole and will need medical supervision.

But he asked that we go ahead, have fun, and have the fundraiser anyway and he will join us in spirit and possibly on Facebook!!!

Below is a link to the save the date Web post. A more creative poster will take its place tomorrow.

If you cannot attend the fundraiser or don’t live in Houston, you can still help out with a donation to the Just Ask Foundation Gofundme campaign at


Thank you all for your prayers and concern.

SAVE THE DATE!!! Just Ask Fundraiser, Sunday, July 12!!!

2 thoughts on “Bad news, Reggie will not be able to attend his fundraiser!

  1. How can I email Reggie I’m so inspired by his work and being so brave

    1. Hi Sakena!
      Thanks for your interest! Yes, Reggie inspires us all but don’t tell him I said it! You can reach him at [email protected]
      Have tremendous day!

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