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Cathy Clark, Brandon, the Astros, McKee St Bridge and the Porch Swing Pub!!!

2371941305_07b85111b7.jpgAnother amazing day out at Minute Maid Park! Lou and I went to the Astros game today. We had a great time. The game was great and the Astros won! It was really nice to see so many nice people. Like Brandon, who saw me on TV2371932691_f9d3cf8d99.jpg and came up to introduce himself. Thank you for doing that!

I saw Cathy Clark, who was my bus driver when I was in school. Lets just say it was over 25 years ago when I used to ride the bus to school.

Cathy remembered me by name. I was so happy when she told me she use to drive me to school. Cathy works at the concession stand in Section 409 of Minute Maid and, I got to tell you, I’ve never been treated with more love and respect than from that entire food area!

2372768826_593ba917eb.jpgI think Cathy is a supervisor or some other type of important person because she was definitely in charge! What a great representative for the Houston Astros staff. Cathy, you made me feel so special and it means the world to me! Hope both you and Brandon will be a regular on my blog. Thank you both for making my day!

After the game, Lou and I went to the fabulous McKee Street Bridge and took some photos. WOW!!! 2372801080_fa310a4cba.jpgWhat a beautiful bridge and park! Lou’s friend, Kirk Farris, had single-handedly transformed this bridge and bayou area into a place that is totally cool, beautiful and peaceful! It’s just a few blocks north of Minute Maid Park on McKee Street just south of I-10.

2372900182_24194a87771.jpgOf course, taking all those photos at Minute Maid and McKee Street made us pretty hungry and thirsty so we went to the new Porch Swing Pub at Washington and Waugh in The Heights for crawfish!!! Man, oh, man, were they good! Lou had beer. I had Coke.

It was a beautiful day!

220 thoughts on “Cathy Clark, Brandon, the Astros, McKee St Bridge and the Porch Swing Pub!!!

  1. glad you had fun Reggie

  2. Reggie you make me jealous with all you do and all the exciting people you meet.

  3. Brian thank you.

    Tim sorry about that. Good things happens to all of us. We all have great things to talk about. We all have stories to tell where we have been and things we had fun doing. They are all different. That is what make it so great.

  4. Kinda wish I was down there with my camera taking pictures. I miss when the Texas NF use to do those crawfish fest each year. I think 2002 was the last year we did that.

  5. Yes, the good old days. I wish the foundation would still have those thing.

  6. Im going back to the Porch Swing today for more crawfish!!! Darn tasty little critters!

  7. Have fun Lou. Tell my friends hello.

  8. I’ll find out that one waitresses name for you. I know you’re in love!

  9. mud bugs are nasty I do not like mud bugs the other name for them is crawfish

  10. Yea I know a lot of people don’t like them. But I do like them and they are ok if they are clead right. Some people say cat fish are nasty. But I also enjoy eating catfish as well.

  11. comment 8 Any red blooded American would be. Of course find out and please thank her for me.


  13. Wow! How could that bee. it was 87, yesterday. That is really great. You were right Lou. It’s going up like you said it would.

  14. It’s probably because my photo is now on the blog somewhere. Chicks just can’t resist. It’s that italian thing I guess!

  15. no Lou , the blog keeps going on for Reggie , he the true star of the blog not people like you and me , we are just his great friends.

  16. comment 14. Don’t flatter yourself Lou.

  17. Tim, quit brown-nosing Reggie. His ego is big enough already!

  18. Lou sometime You sound reasonable…Time to up my medication.

  19. Hey there Everybody whats going on Hi Sweet Lou now Lou dont be mean to Reggie

  20. No Olives for skip to the Lou. He has been real bad. But what can you expect we are talking about Lou.

  21. Lou you being bad ?

  22. Reggie , I cant brown nose yu cause your nose is already brown, yes Lou is being bad again, Maybe he needs a Time out.

  23. Brian what did you do today

  24. not much at all Shelley just lounged around the house pretty much how about you

  25. oh and Shelley I am waiting for Thursday to get here going to have a small surgery only about 15 minute surgery got to have a small tumor removed from my leg

  26. Good morning everybody I hope everybody is doing good this morning

  27. Good Morning Brian, All is well here. I should be around most of the day. I have to go to the post office at some point. I think it’s going to rain today. I don’t know why, I didn’t wash my car.

  28. Cool change to the photo Lou.

  29. thats funny Reggie it seems that thats the way it always works huh wash your car get it looking good then it rains and gets it all dirty all over again oh and Reggie I am also watching another toy tractor for my collection

  30. Cool Brian. I hope you get it.

  31. thanks Reggie well I think I am going to go work on my tractor a little bit and I hope I get it also you have to be careful though people seem to bid at the last minute I hate that when people bid at the last minute but I cant say much I do it too

  32. well Reggie I decided not to work on my tractor today I think I am sick my throat is scratchy and my head is warm I think I have a cold

  33. Brian try to work on that cold early. so that way you won’t get too sick.

  34. well Reggie I have NOT gone to the Dr yet and I really dont want to go I am just fighting it my self

  35. Drink alot of water Brian and get rest too

  36. Thanks Shelley I will try that all I drank today was coke


  38. Where’s that coward, Reggie Bibbs?

  39. Now now Lou you know Morty is keeping Emily busy Be sweet to Reggie

  40. When is everybody’s birthday my birthday is 10 22

  41. Who are you calling a coward!!!

  42. hey Lou my birthday is June 21st

  43. If interested, its 04.16. I am planning to be in Hawaii, leaving on the 9th and be there for two weeks.

  44. Reggie , Everything is going so well for you , I just wanted to share witn you that Today would of been My Brother’s 56th Birthday, since 3rd Birthday that has come since his death, A very sad day at My house.

  45. sorry to hear that Tim you are in my prayers

  46. John when you go to Hawaii let me know if you see DOG the bounty hunter and if you do say hi for me

  47. hey John what airline are you using Aloha airline is shut down if you are using them you will NOT be able to go they are trying to work something out

  48. Tim I’m so sorry I wasn’t here to get the phone when you called. I will pray for you and I know how you feel. We both lost our brother. It seem like it happen not long after you lost your brother. It’s hard and I know its going to be hard for me too. The date I lost me brother is coming up.

  49. John that is cool. Hawaii is a beautiful place.

  50. hey Reggie I did not know the date is coming up that you lost your brother you are in my prayers buddy

  51. Yes it’s a month after my birthday. My b day is in August and I lost my brother in September. I dream about him sometime.

  52. well Reggie just know he is in a much better place and is watching over you every day

  53. Yes and I find comfort in that.

  54. Reggie you are always in my prayers buddy

  55. Thank you Brian lets keep praying for each other like the word tells us to.

  56. you got it Reggie man my head is killing me I feel horrible cant sleep my head hurts and I just feel absolutely horrible

  57. What is the name of the little red pills. they are very tiny. they are really good for colds. They only thing is that they will put you to sleep. In two or three days your cold will be gone.

  58. I have no Idea Reggie but I am fixing to go try and lay down again

  59. Have a good night. I think the name of that pill is suedafeed.

    I’m sure that is not the correct spelling, but someone here should be able to help me out.

  60. I will try Reggie but it wont be easy like I said I feel horrible

  61. I am also going to try and get in to see the Dr tomorrow

  62. I be flying AA. I be helping take care of my mom while there. She no longer can drive, and my sister needs some time to get away. I may be meeting someone with NF who lives there, met in NF Chat some years ago. I look for DOG each time I go over, and before it was Mangum PI, and Steve of Hawaii 5 O. Did see Don HO out running around, and met Tony Curtis. My only fear is that with AA canceling the flights on the MD80, they will start on the 767s

  63. hey John be sure a let me know if you do see DOG and say hi for me if you see him I love him I want to meet him so bad I watch him all the time I have season one and two its my favorite TV show

  64. hey John also if you do see DOG get his autograph for me and you can get it to Reggie and I will get it from him thanks

  65. Hey John are you going to take some photos and add them to your flickr account?

  66. Hey Everybody I drank 3 cups of coffee was wondering if Lou was being nice to Reggie

  67. I am here but not feeling very well at all matter of fact I feel horrible my head hurts and my throat is still scratchy and I am fixing to go lay back down

  68. Brian drink something hot with honey and lemon.

  69. Of course I take pictures when I go to Hawaii. One year, I could have done my own swim suit edition. well I did, I do not think I can post them. I will try to catch Dog, I usually at the place on Waikiki where he at (on the tv shows. Just as long he is not lookin for me.

  70. Hope you feel better Brian

  71. if you catch him John try and get his autograph for me and just give it to Reggie and I will get it from him I love DOG I think his show is better than cops

  72. thanks Shelley I hope I get better soon I hate it

  73. Brian you will feel better in a few days at the most. Did anyone get April fooled?

  74. I sure hope so Reggie I have not been April fooled yet I been lucky I guess thats because I am an angel

  75. We know you are an angel. I wonder what happen to Lou.

  76. I dont know Reggie maybe he had to many beers and passed out

  77. Well, it’s not not much beer in the USA to make him pass out. I just think Lou is a coward.

  78. man Reggie I know that deep down Lou loves you and you love Lou but ya’ll are really mean to each other

  79. Yea that is why we have so much fun. All in fun.

  80. Maybe YOU’RE fooling around, Reggie, but I meant every word I’ve said!

  81. hey everybody my throat is still a little scratchy but I am feeling a little bit better

  82. Good to hear that you are feeling a little better.

  83. thanks Reggie I will be back on tomorrow going to bed and try and get some rest I may be back tonight if I cant sleep but Thursday I might be off for a day because I am having surgery

  84. Lou Did you go to Time Out and Did you wer your Dunce Cap , Reggie says takea picture to show everyone that you were a bad boy.

  85. I went to the Porch Swing Pub instead and had 3 pounds of crawfish and too many beers. It was a feel good kind of night.

  86. Will it be a feel good morning?

  87. Probably not. By the way, I just went to Reggie’s YouTube account and found the most obscene message.
    Thought Reggie handled it with a lot of class. Kudos to you, Reggie, for rising above.

  88. Good Morning to all. Had my espresso and I’m ready to Rock! Lets make it a Tremendous day. Brian I’am praying for you.

  89. Thanks Reggie

  90. Brian what are your plans today? Are you resting? Hope you feel like blogging today.

  91. I have to meet a friend of mine @1:30 today but I am here and feeling ok I will try to blog as much as I can today

  92. Cool Brian. Are you going to drive your truck?

  93. you bet I love my truck

  94. Quit on the blog this afternoon. I hope it picks up.

  95. it should Reggie one thing I noticed is the blog usually gets going good in the evening but hey I wonder where Patricia is I have not seen her on the blog in a while I hope she is ok

  96. I think we will see more later.

  97. I think so too but I wonder about Patricia I wonder why she has not been on I really do hope she is ok

  98. Brian I think it’s the only the two of us here today.

  99. LOL I agree I think so too Reggie but thats ok we can just keep blogging away

  100. hey Reggie I also think that is cool that you ran into your school bus driver after all these years that is cool

  101. Yea she remembered me first.

  102. #104 I hope you weren’t in the car when it happened.

  103. Gee you are so funny. You should be a writer. Oh I forgot you are a writer. 😉

  104. where is Patricia and Emily

  105. I don’t think they love us any more.

  106. Haven’t seen Mere here lately either. I hope she’s all right although the last time I talked to her, she mentioned that “I NEVER, EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN, HEAR YOUR VOICE OR BE ANYWHERE THAT YOU’VE BEEN, ARE AT OR WILL GO…EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I think she may have been upset.

  107. dang Lou did she really say that what did you do to her well everybody I am having surgery tomorrow I will be back on tomorrow as soon as I can

  108. Lou it’s not the first time you have been told that.

  109. What about when they say to you, How about never? Is never good for you?

  110. What a come back. shut up. wow.

  111. You know, Reggie, nobody really likes you! The only reason people come to this blog is because I pay them to be nice to you. It’s true. Ask anyone ( well, except for Brian, Shelley, Patricia, Mere and Emily. They’d probably make up some story like they’re interested in what you’re doing on the blog.) Oh, how original!!!

  112. hey Lou, I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce. LOL. 🙂

  113. Lou , that not true, you never paid me one red cent to come Reggie’s Blog .

  114. Hey Everybody Im on here now

  115. Well Shelley, welcome back.

  116. That’s right Tim tell him about it.

  117. I went out today got a haircut / highlightjob went to Walmart loaded up on my koolaid Starucks and 2 totebags

  118. On comment 120 Thanx Reggie

  119. Shelley you had a great day.

  120. On comment 116 Hey Lou Sweetie that wasnt nice we all like Reggie

  121. Yeah Reggie

  122. I wonder if Lou likes to be call Sweetie

  123. welcome back Shelley hey Lou you never paid me either I have no money unless you want to start paying me but I like Reggie we will be buddies 4 ever now back to Shelley I am just getting ready for my surgery tomorrow but its nothing really big it will only take about 15 minutes

  124. Hi guyes, I have been busy busy busy, alot been going on, some good some bad, but I just want to talk about the good, I sold my Kawasaki 650 and bought a polaris 2-up 800 4 wheeler it drives like a cadalac for 4 wheelers we bought and then took it out driving sat. and did not get in until after 1am in the morning that is way past my bedtime, then it took me most of the day sunday to clean it up and my husbands too. Mud can be a mess. fun but yak to clean up. It seems like we have been just going and going. My daughter asked me if she could come home for a week after she has her baby that made me feel so good, sometimes I feel like she just does not need me in her life anymore I really do miss haveing her at home. Well maybe things have calmed down a little bit, I hope.

  125. Hi Patricia glad your back. I will respond more after I finish eating. brb

  126. man Reggie I wanted to be the first to welcome Patricia back oh well welcome back Patricia glad to hear about your new wheeler but be careful

  127. Oh I will, my husband told me not to trash on it then he takes to one of the biggest mud holes, I was not ready to get it real muddy just yet, I was going to baby it a the first few times I took it out, I don’t even have a wrench on it yet! My friens were laughing at me, in the beginning of the day when we were all on our own bikes my husband was the leader in he heads straight to the mud I am cussing him under my breath and shaking my head, I was just not ready to get my preety new bike muddy.

  128. I used to have a 4 wheeler I had a Honda 4 trax it was a lot of fun I took mine in the mud and had a blast but then I sold it and wished I never would have it was a lot of fun my neighbor wants to sell his Polaris but he wants to much for it I think I think he wants 6,000 for it and I cant afford it

  129. I never had anything like that before. My brothers had a mini bike. I think that is what it was called. I think it was called a CAT. I was able to ride that a few times. That was pretty cool.

  130. You can almost get a new one for that price, I agree that is a lot. How old is it and is it a 800 or a 500?

  131. 4 wheelers are a blast, they are so much fun.

  132. I am not sure Patricia I can find out Patricia but I agree its to much I agree you can almost buy a new one for that

  133. I tell you my new drives better then any that I have been on so far, it is also fuel injected, so if we ever get to go to Moab Utah we won’t have to do any thing to the carbarator which will be a good thing. We are always talking and dreaming of going to places like Moab, Tennesse, and other places, up high in the mountains, and with some of the bikes you have to adjust the cararators, but with my new one you don’t have to cause it it fuel injected, and since is built for two we can load it up in the back of the truck, and just go. we will have to take out the tool box, but we would not have to trailor it, only thing is we no longer have the camper, but there are hotel rooms ever where and that gives me a good excuse no to cook. lol 😀

  134. there you go Patricia I agree well I am having surgery tomorrow so I am headeto bed good night everybody

  135. Good luck, I will be praying for you

  136. thanks Patricia

  137. Good Morning to all. Hi Patricia it will be fun having you here again. I hope everything goes well for Brian today.

  138. Don’t tell me I’m going to be stuck with talking to Lou all day. God I hope not. 😉 Whats going on Patricia? You going riding this weekend?

  139. Nothing much dude. What you say about it?

  140. hey everybody I had my surgery and all went great now I am home and going to lay down for a while and try to rest a bit but I will be back later

  141. Glad your back Brian. Rest and hope to see you here later.

  142. Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well! I have a free minute while the baby naps so I just wanted to drop in and say hello.
    Also, we got a phone call a couple of days ago from the Ghost Hunters production team, they are considering using us in one of their episodes. We are still having problems with whatever is in our house so I will gladly be on tv if it means I get some help, lol.
    I have some news about Elijah but I am going to update his website with that so make sure you read it!
    I’ll get back when I can, I just cannot believe how busy its been around here! My husband is having surgery again next week also so I will be extra busy 🙁

  143. Emily,

    I will be sure in pray that things get better for you all. I’m sure it’s busy around there with taking care of a new born baby. Make sure you take good care of yourself. Keep us updated on your husband and Elijah. I will go and read the up date. Let me know when its posted.

    Oh keep us updated on the ghosts. We love you and come back soon.
    P.S Lou keeps winning, about where is Emily, I want to chat with Emily. Well Lou now is your chance. Don’t mess it up for the rest of us.

  144. hey Emily be sure and let us know when they use yall for a episode of ghost hunters I want to watch it

  145. lol Aww, does Lou miss me? 😉
    Brian, I’ll let you guys know!

  146. Hey there yall Im here to keep a blogger in line lol

  147. Maybe a little bit…but not too much!!!!

  148. hey Emily hows the baby doing

  149. Brian, tha baby has a name…it’s Morty!

  150. thanks Lou

  151. Cute little bugger! Reminds me a lot of me!

  152. well I had my surgery all went great but I dont know if I will be back on tonight I got a terrible headache and do not feel good at all

  153. Hi, We probally won’t be ridding tonight my husband has to much work in the garage plus he need to replace the top on my Miata, I have had the top for a few months now, I just need to get it replaced, I need to get caught up on house work yak!!!!!!! Good to hear from Emily I bet she is busy with Morty, it is amazing what work such a little person can bring into someone’s life. But all the work is so worth it.
    Good to hear Brian surgery went well, hope you get some rest and get to felling better, I don’t like surgury, sometimes it takes a while to get over them, I could do with out them.

  154. OK Everybody Im here to see whats going on

  155. well Patricia I have had 6 brain surgeries I had 6 tumors removed from my brain including one that was real close to my brain stem well needless to say nothing phases me I was up walking around 5 minutes later like nothing happened I am superman

  156. whats up Shelley

  157. You are tought Brian, when I had my neck surgery, I had to get 2 disc replaced in my neck, the next morning when physcial therapy came to check on me I had already been up SEVERAL times on my own, with a little help from my husband the first few times, I walked faster then they did around the wing of the hospital I was able to go home the very next day after the surgery. They was shocked that I was able to push my IV by myself and move as fast as I did, I really don’t like hospitals.

  158. I agree Patricia I hate them to I have been in and out of them since 1995 and believe me its getting old but then again I have been blessed with great Dr’s I had a surgery one time and the Dr said he would probably keep me over night just to be safe well after the surgery he said go home I said why I thought you were keeping me overnight he said why you will be walking around in less than 5 minutes like nothing happened so why should I keep you here I said by I aint stayin

  159. I think you heal better at home, I actully had a doc tell me I had a better chance of getting a staff infection if I had a operation and stayed in the operation overnight then if I had it in the surgery center and went home, WOW, I took his advise, I had the operation as an out patient and I would never go to that hospital, that is scarry when a doc will tell you that.

  160. LOL I agree well I have NEVER been told that thank god

  161. Last night I was at the Dallas Dining Out in Dallas. It was a great fun event. Instead of going out to indivudual resturants, they came to one place and had samples to eat from various resturants under one roof.
    In October, there going to be a event, called SPAM O RAMA.
    Not the computer spam, the SPAM that comes in a can. There will be juded competition of SPAM sculptures, including cocktails, food ( hope there something beside spam), carvings and prozes. This will be October 18 in Irving.

  162. Yea, NEVER EVER go to Huntsville Hospital, that is not a good hospital. That hospital has a bad reputation.

  163. I go to Patinets its a very good hospital that just opened close to my house I like it its good they treat me great and its very very clean

  164. I mean Patients I think that is how you spell it

  165. Clean is good :D, Time to go to bed, thank it is friday!

  166. I am on my way to bed to Patricia I just always like to check the blog before I go to bed good night everybody

  167. Ok I guess I will hit the hay now. I will be here in the morning.

  168. Good night John Boy

  169. who is John boy Reggie its Brian that said good night

  170. Didn’t you ever watch “The Waltons”?

  171. no I watched the Andy Griffith show and MASH

  172. Oh yes you are Lou.

  173. there you go, using your big words. gee, you should write speeches for the President.

  174. Yall forgot MaryEllen, and Watching the Waltons does not make yall old, I use to watch “The Waltons” and I AM NOT OLD!!!!
    Good Morning Everyone.

  175. Good Morning Patricia. I use to watch CAR 54 where are you.

    Yes, I know I know. Someday, we’ll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject. At lest I will.

  176. good morning everybody and Emily I read Elijah’s update that is pretty good news

  177. hey Regiie about the subject Car 54 where are you ooo,ooo,ooo

  178. thats what they used to say on Car 54 where are you I am a huge fan on the Andy Griffith show and MASH my favorite actor on the Andy Griffith show is Barney Fife

  179. I’m here. Had to leave for a short time. I’m back now.

  180. Keep looking over your shoulder, there will be no more warnings.

  181. Nip it. Nip it in the bud

  182. You don’t scare me, Reggie. I’m armed! In fact, I have two of them!!!

  183. Don’t give me that crap, Reggie, you know you’re going to steal the above comments somewhere down the line!

  184. Well excuse ME!!!!! I didn’t know you had it Paton.

  185. See, you even stole “Excuse me!” from Steve Martin. I rest my case, you, you…plagiaristic philanthropist!!!

  186. Brian – The baby is doing great, except that he has a cold right now. There isnt any medicine I can give him at this age so we are just having to deal with it til it passes. I must have totally missed about your surgery, I had no idea you were having surgery, did everything go well?

    Lou – Have you been misbehaving? Do you need a good old fashioned spanking??

  187. You just made his day. I bet he will answer YES!

  188. Emily, you just made my day!!!

    : >)

  189. Thought I’d steal something from Reggie since he’s so intent on using my words all the time!!!

  190. How’s little Morty other than the cold? Probably growing like a weed, handsome…just like his Daddy!

  191. Thank you. We’re all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.

  192. Emily and Reggie Lou allways needs spanking

  193. Shelley, are you offering your services?

  194. Oh you are just telling off you yourself blogger.

  195. Hey Lou Where’s My Money?

  196. lol Uh oh, I think I got Lou a little excited. He’s such a dirty old man 😉
    “Morty” is great, he really is growing like a weed! The outfit we brought him home from the hospital in doesnt fit him anymore and its only been 5 weeks. Here are a couple of new pictures:

    Unfortunately Elijah started one of his vomiting episodes this morning so he is at the ER right now getting fluids, but Bill just called and said he is already feeling much better so hopefully he wont be admitted and he will come home in a little while.

  197. yes Emily every thing went very well and I hope Morty’s cold gets better soon I know what he is going through colds are no fun at all

  198. It was a cruddy day but tomorrow is suppose to be pretty!!

  199. hey Emily I hope Elijah is ok I will pray for him and Morty is a real cutie

  200. hey Patricia whats up I may not be on here much longer tonight I feel really sick to my stomach I hope I feel better soon I might pop up for a while it just depends how I feel

  201. Brian I hope you feel better. Maybe you can drink a coke or sprite to help your stomach.

  202. thanks Reggie I hope I feel better soon to I hate being sick to my stomach it makes you feel miserable

  203. Wow! Morty has grown a lot!!!! Almost has more hair than me.

  204. Emily Great photos of the baby and Dad. Thank you for your post. I didn’t see my first comment. It’s some where in cyberspace.

  205. good night everybody I will see you tomorrow sometime I wish everybody a good night and sweet dreams

  206. Reggie , Tell Lou he better find his money

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