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The ADDY Awards program will be this weekend. I will be there, with crossed fingers. I hope to be one of the recipients of these great awards. Although I have been lucky enough to attend a few years ago, I still feel a little nervous about the big day. If I don’t win this year, it’s OK. I know I will enjoy myself. I look forward to meeting new people, who I know will become new friends to me. Wish me luck, but don’t say “break a leg.” I only have one good leg. k. Any one have ideas on how to get over the nervousness?

4 thoughts on “ADDYS THIS WEEKEND

  1. Alcohol seems to be the preferred remedy in the ad biz.

  2. I’ll drink to that! k.

  3. Reggie, let me be the first one here to congratulate you on your ADDY win! Your site is fabulous, and so easy for the technically-challenged like me to navigate.
    Hope I didn’t ruin the suspense for anyone else. But I got the inside information from my lovely ex-husband adgiant and I couldn’t wait!

  4. Rie, You didn’t ruin anything. I just got your comment. Thank you. I miss you and I hope to see you sometime. I met Elena and she is very nice. Write me soon.

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