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A special message from a dear friend, Juanita Harriman

Juanita and John
Juanita and John Harriman

Hello Lou. I have been following Reggie and you shortly after the feature film with Maurice Simpson I might have spelled his name wrong. “My New Face”. When Maurice had his surgery, then there was a section on Reggie. My husband John Harriman. Is 65 yrs old. He has NF. So does our son and his two daughters, his son does not have NF. Our daughter and her 4 children do not have NF. I just wanted to tell you, I think what you have done with Reggie, with the music, traveling and the bus, all of you have brought a lot of awareness to NF. I wanted to thank all of you. Years ago, my son and my husband had tumors removed by the doctor in Omaha Nebraska, sent to Dr. Francis Collins, in Ann Arbor Michigan, at the University of Michigan, this study for the gene that causes NF. The local news station came to our house, and did a short story on our family. It was called “The New Hope Family”. My husband and son, g9t no money for this. No awards, just the one time little section on the channel 3 News in Omaha, Nebraska. Just being able to be in this study was an honor for my son and husband, to be part of this study. Oh I forgot to mention, my husband John Harriman has two nieces in Dallas, they have NF also. The one niece has had many surgeries for NF. I do not know about her daughter. Once again, thank you for doing all you do for NF Lou.

Thank you, Juanita!


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  1. Thank you so much, Juanita, for your kind words! It is for beautiful people like you and your husband, John, that Reggie and I consider it an honor to help raise awareness of Neurofibromatosis. God bless you both!

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