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3090342427_26cb9dd5b3_b3090342561_eb020396fa_bThis weekend I got the shock and surprise of my life! I was going through my emails looking for a phone number when I came across an unopened email dated November 14! It was from my new friend Kevin Nealon, from Saturday Night Live, who I had just met the night before.

I have no idea how I missed this very important email but I guess it was because I was traveling and wasn’t able to check email till I got back home. Anyway, here is the very nice email that Kevin wrote plus the photos he sent.

Hey Reggie,
So great meeting you last night, and your friends! I’m so
flattered that you guys came to my show. Oh, loved your website, too!!
Susan and I loved checking out each category. Great videos and pics,
great coverage on the news stations as well. We’re so impressed with
your courage and your raising awareness of NF. What a difference you
are making! Please keep us updated on the foundation.

Attached are a few pictures of me wearing your shirt. Btw, it
fits me like a glove. I have a new cause now. 🙂

Best wishes,
Kevin and Susan

Most of you have seen the photos from my trip to Manhattan Beach California, when I went to visit my friend, Scott. Well, on the visit, Scott suggested we go see Kevin Nealon at the Comedy club. That is where it all happened. After the show Kevin came over to meet me. It was there when I shared with Kevin and his Wife Susan about NF. What a nice couple they both are. So kind and understanding to NF, and the JUST ASK campaign. I’m proud that Kevin is wearing one of my JUST ASK! T-shirts. You never know where you may see one next. Thank you Kevin and Susan for your support. Hope to see you soon.

33 thoughts on “A NOTE FROM KEVIN NEALON.

  1. Reggie, that was so nice of him to do that! You sure can tell a lot about a person’s character by the things they do when nobody is watching. Kevin and Susan sound like wonderful people who really care.

  2. It was quite obvious when I met Kevin and Susan Nealon that they are wonderful, to take time to talk to me as long as they did. Even though Kevin was tired, he made time for me.

  3. Sure would love to see him on the blog but I’m sure that’s way to much to expect. He was one of my favorites on Saturday Night Live. What show is he on now?

  4. Never mind, I just Googled him. He’s on “Weeds,” a series on Showtime.

    Here’s a link to the “Weeds” website:

    And here’s a link to Kevin Nealon’s website:

  5. Lou if you watch that show you will like it. My mom think it is a good show.

  6. I don’t get Showtime!

  7. There are other ways to catch the show. Exanple,a friends house. Oh wait. you don’t have any. Never mind. You better get Showtime.

  8. I dont have Showtime either Mr Lou

  9. Oh, so you’re a comedian, too! Maybe I should just watch you instead of “Weeds”.

  10. Hey there Yall I went to WalMart today got my pictures today

  11. Lou don’t hate appreciate.

  12. Reggie, don’t wait, regurgitate!

  13. I did when I read your lame comment. Come on you can do better then that.

  14. Yall sleeping ?

  15. Shelley I was on chat tonight. Missed you.

  16. Ok, we’re getting off point here! I am happy to see that Kevin Nealon “has a new cause now!” Who knows, maybe a “Just Ask!” t-shirt could make it in a “Weeds” episode one of these days.

  17. So, when are we going to see you on “Saturday Nite” ? This is for Reggie, not Lou..

  18. Maybe you will see me on the ShowTime network WEEDS first. I’m not good at being funny so there may be a role in the other show. I think we should all visit Kevin’s website he is supporting my website already by his visit.

  19. HI Everybody whats up

  20. Maybe next year at camp, on Saturday night, we can do or say…From Camp For All, Its Saturday Night..

  21. I like it. We should do that next year.

  22. Good Morning to all. Have y’all seen the show Kevin Nealon is in? WEEDS? I have been watching it ever since my trip to LA. I’m going to get Kevin’s new book, Yes, You’re Pregnant But What About Me?

  23. Hey there Yall I had 2 cups of coffee

  24. BURRR its cold outside

  25. You need to get you a hat. Works well in the cold weather. I now have JUST ASK! hats.

  26. Oh, that was so smooth, Reggie!

  27. You think Kevin will send us a picture wearing my JUST ASK! shirt.

  28. Reggie how would I get a hat ?

  29. Mr Lou Did you get Showtime yet

  30. We will add a link to the site.

  31. HI Everybody anybody get snowed in ?

  32. Hey! Cool shirt! Where I can buy it?

  33. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your visit to the blog. Yes you can order one of my shirts from my website. From the front page of JUST ASK. I’m still waiting on a new shipment. You can place your order and if I have the size you order I can sent it out pretty quickly.

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