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A Meeting With Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee!


I had a terrific meeting with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee this morning!

Joining me at the Mickey Leeland Federal Building in downtown Houston this morning were Drs.Bart Moore and John Slopis from M.D. Andersen Cancer Center; Sandra Parker and her daughter, Emily,  Lou and myself. Sandra is a consumer reviewer for the research integration panel for the Department of Defense. She helps decide which NF research projects get funded based on consumer need and importance.

Congresswomen Jackson took time to meet with us even though she was hard-pressed for time having to fly back to Washington immediately after our meeting. I have to say she was great! She remembered me from a NF function years ago and was genuinely interested in everything we had to say. She seemed quite interested in our story (Emily’s and mine) and after getting all the information she needed,  told us that she would sign the petition to fund research for neurofibromatosis.

Congresswoman Lee also recommended other possible sources of funding that we should be aware of through the government. She will be signing on to keep funding research that will help neurofibromatosis, as well as other types of disorders that could lead to cancer. Everyone should be happy about that has happen today. All of us can benefit from this funding and from the wise support and leadership of Sheila Jackson Lee!         – Reggie

16 thoughts on “A Meeting With Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee!

  1. It was a good and productive meeting.

  2. I’m impressed. The whole staff was very kind. Ms.Weaver told me they viewed my website. I know they will like the todays photos.

  3. I am voting for Sheila Jackson Lee for the rest of my life.

  4. I don’t know anyone in congress with a JUST ASK t-shirt and hat. Congresswoman Jackson proudly put my Just Ask hat on before I ask her to try it on. I’m like you Lou. Congresswoman Jackson will always have my support.

  5. Dr. Moore ask Dr. Slopis to view the photos of our meeting with the Congresswoman.

  6. FYI Everyone, Photo stats flickr tells me we have 352 views in all photos on 03/09/09.

  7. Great shots, especially the white guy in the white shirt!

    Thanks again for setting this up, Reggie, this was a huge success.

  8. Dr. Slopis, You and Dr. Moore were great at the meeting. What a great mix of medical info (you guys and Sharon), patient experience (Emily and Reggie) and excellent photography (me)!!!

  9. So you guys want to take shots when I have my back turned? The black suit helps with the white shirt and blue tie. Dr. Moore on the end helps with balance, and the good looking ladies bring out the beauty in the photo. And with Lou only pushing the button on the camera helps a little, but he is good at pushing people’s buttons.

  10. I was very impressed and proud of Emily. She was the most delightful little girl with a very good head on her shoulders. That girl is going places.

  11. She is growing up, I first met her (The Parkers) when they found out she had NF. They were members of my church here in Irving. I just sent a letter to my rep. in congress of the upcoming funding.

  12. Glad Yall had a good time

  13. For someone as young as she is, she has a lot of poise and inner o.k.-ness.

    Hi, Shelley! Hope you’re not all buzzed out on caffeine.

  14. Good Day mates, Today I feel French. My friend in France, Who name happens to be Francis, sent me a great looking beret. I now have something to fit my big head. Watch for the photo that I will post today.

  15. Great Meeting! Thanks to all who went. Got the email today from our lobbying firm, SHE SIGNED!!!!

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