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neurofibromatosisHello Friends We are coming up to another day of celebration. Wednesday July 4th Houston is having a day of fun, music and a large display of fireworks. Come join the fun! I plan to be there wearing my JUST ASK t-shirt and would be happy to meet new friends. I always get a little nervous at these large events, but I’m sure with the great people we have in our great city, I will have a TREMENDOUS time. I hope to get some pictures meeting more friends. See you there.

8 thoughts on “4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION

  1. Have a great time

  2. I hope we will. You know I will email you and tell you all about it. By the way, did you check your mail?

  3. I hope they have a lot of food because I’m still hungry from the Art Car Parade!!! I thought they would have concession stands for sure.

  4. oh yea I need food.

  5. HI had a teriffic weekend

  6. hey at least you guys got ice cream at the art car parade!

  7. Yea you got to have ice cream for days like that.

  8. I check email alot lol

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