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35th Annual 2008 World Championship Bar-B-Que Cookoff

wcbbqc_wide.jpgWell, tomorrow, Feb. 28, 2008, kicks off the 35th Annual Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo with the World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest and I’m going to be there enjoying my fair share!

Yes, I plan to be there eating all the que I can stand. I hope to get lots of photos to share on my blog and flickr page. It’s going to be a fun night.

Anyone else going to the cook off or Rodeo?

The world’s largest livestock show has to be able to feed huge crowds! The Lone Star State hosts a colossal, Texas-sized picnic to launch the annual event!

Just as the rodeo competitors hone their riding skills and shine their buckles, several hundred others are polishing their culinary tools and preparing to heat up their own winning run at glory! The World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest is three days of cooking, competition, eating and dancing. The sweet aroma drifts over the Houston metropolis, drawing crowds like bees to honey as 190,913 guests joined the feast in 2007.

While the camaraderie is fun and festive, the judging is all business as teams vie for the coveted title of World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest Champion. Trophies are awarded to teams preparing the best dish in each category (brisket, chicken, pork and spare ribs) as well as an overall winner. Awards also are presented to the most colorful team, the team with the cleanest area, the most unique pit and the Go Texan teams for best barbecue and most colorful team.


117 thoughts on “35th Annual 2008 World Championship Bar-B-Que Cookoff

  1. Vegetarians beware!

  2. I like meat too

  3. There should be plenty of it tomorrow.

  4. Look out I’m going as a hungy man.

  5. I’ll make sure I keep my ribs undercover.

  6. Why I got to be the one who like ribs? BECAUSE I’M BLACK! Is that what you are saying Lou! Ribs ant the type of bar-b-que I like. I better not see any ribs in your hand, are you will get yours cracked.

  7. Reggie, it’s a well known documented fact that black people like ribs. Just like Polish people like kielbassa and Italians like Sophia Loren. If you wanna trade some ribs for Sophia, let’s talk!

  8. Warning! Never try to take ribs from a black man.

  9. well it polish people like kielbasa , italian people like Sophia Loren , and black people like Ribs and Irish people like Corned beef and cabbage that we don’t Lou likes since he comes from outer space,

  10. And I thought it was spaghetti. You know like the commercial. Mama mea that’s a spice beat ball.

  11. that is funny Tim. lol Real good. 🙂

  12. You leave my mama out of this.

  13. Tim, nobody likes a smart ass!

  14. Lou I think a good blow to the head will start your elevator to start working again. Why don’t you jump out of your office window. I think that will do the trick. If you land head first.

  15. comment 13. Lou that is the point Tim is making. The only thing is you are not a smart one.

  16. Well, if Tim is so smart, how come his name is in black instead of blue and he doesn’t have a tiny photo by his name?

  17. Well maybe he will add his photo later. He is going to be here a lot and give you a hard time just like everyone else.

  18. OOO I would love to go to a BBQ cookoff! I love BBQ, I’m from the south too so of course its a staple in my diet! I make some killer pulled pork BBQ, you guys would love it!

  19. I love BBQ but I dont want to fight all the people at the cook off

  20. I use to do cook-oofs with my husband when we first got married the name of out team were the RoadKill Roughnecks, we, he still is in the oil field and have a bit of a warp sense of humor, but we just stuck to grimes co. come sunday morning we were so sick of barb que we gave away the meat, now I really do miss it, don’t miss the head ache from all the drinking. lol

  21. Ok I just got here. My first cup of coffee. I’m already and I can taste the ribs now.

  22. Where is Lou, Where is Jerry? Where is every body?

  23. Some of us work for a living.

  24. There are those who do and those who don’t have too. Nothing to do, but eat and sleep. And live off the fat of the land.

    I work you fool. What you think this is. Having a number one website just doesn’t happen by it self. It takes ME! ME! ME! and I’ I’ I’.

  25. hey Lou that Houston Highlights thing for the NF foundation is it casual or formal how are you supposed to dress

  26. Brian, I’m not sure how much it will cost to go to Houston Highlights.

  27. Houston Highlights is $75 a ticket.

  28. Lou should I bring my camera this evening?

  29. Reggie Lou can get tickets on #27

  30. I have to be there to work as the chair host. So really I’m going to work.

  31. is Houston Highlights casual or formal

  32. This should been a Texas NF event.

  33. thanks Lou I appreciate it

  34. John, it is. Cindy and Susan are helping put it together.

  35. Hey there Everybody Lou are you behaving

  36. Great….

  37. hey ya’ll if you want to see my truck click on Reggies photos I will get a picture of the whole truck but have to shrink the file first its way to big to send to Reggie but as soon as I shrink it I will send it for him to post

  38. my new truck that is

  39. You shrink it I will post it. Your truck of course.

  40. Thanks Reggie

  41. Good looking truck, Brian. I bet you could haul a bunch of iced down beer in the back!

  42. On comment 43 Bull corn Lou

  43. Bush or Shinner Lou? Lou stand by. Brian and I need your help. We need to get the photo of Brian on his facebook profile. How can we help him with this?

  44. I know the Houston Highlights is a NF event, we will have our Dining Out in Dallas on April 2nd. I thought it would be neat of the BBQ also be a NF event, since many may not be able to afford the other

  45. Nice truck Brian

  46. Thanks Shelley and also thanks Lou

  47. Going to the hospital in a few minutes guys, its 7:40am here in CT, so if you dont hear from me again in the next couple of hours then you know they kept me and I will be back in a couple of days, lol. Wish me luck!

  48. Where is the damn thing taking place?

  49. good luck Emily I hope it all goes well take care and we miss you

  50. Emily, I’m late, but good luck.

  51. Comment 50 Welcome Benjamin. are you talking about the cook off. Its going to be at Reliant Park.

  52. Welcome, Benjamin.

  53. hey Lou I dont know about hauling beer but I dont mind hauling girls LOL

  54. Brian Lou can hook you up.

  55. Brian…Brian..Brian, you’ve been spending way too much time with Reggie!!! Get those thoughts out of your head right now!

  56. I would love to have some BBQ today, but I am up in Dallas. I would have to go to the local bbq place here.

  57. Comment 58 Look who’s talking Lou. Mr. have all the girls Lou.

  58. lol Thats funny Reggie

  59. You have to stay on your toes when you are dealing with Lou.

  60. LOL you know this blog really gets to be fun alot of times I feel proud to be a part of it and be your friend Reggie

  61. Thank you Brian. I was happy to meet you at he picnic last year. I will make sure I ask about having another one this year.

  62. Where are all the others? I will be going to lunch with a friend pretty soon. But I will be back. I’m not sure when he will get here.

  63. I dont know Reggie I also wonder where every body else is too they are usually cutting up pretty bad

  64. Brian, don’t let Reggie fool you, he doesn’t have any friends. He’s probably on his way to The Men’s Club.

  65. I’m here Brian so don’t listen to Lou. I just went to get a burger with Jerry. He is gone to the airport now. How much did you pay for your membership Lou.

  66. That’s funny, I don’t recall ever having to pay a membership. The girls seem to appreciate my charming wit, engaging personality and roll of twenties.

  67. That is all it takes there is a roll of twenties. your personality has nothing to do with it.

  68. I agree with Reggie sorry Lou but I have to thats alkl it takes is a roll of twenties and not the personality

  69. hey but all it takes is my truck and I will get a free membership lol

  70. I wonder how Emily is doing I hope she is ok

  71. comment 72 That’s a good one Brian.

  72. Yea I hope everything is going on with Emily.

  73. Brian, you’re getting to be almost as big a pain in the butt as Emily.

  74. Lou you are pass that stage.

  75. I’m telling Emily.

  76. She will be on my side.

  77. Hey Everybody

  78. Hey Shelley where have you been?

  79. Walmart Reggie

  80. whats up Shelley I went to Walmart this morning

  81. Well, I am at home for a little bit I have been at Galveston since Wensday night, my MIL passed away yesterday, I know that she is in a better place and that she is no longer in pain, it was very difficult to watch in that condition, I will be going back tomorrow, her funerral is tomorrow, at Malloroy on Broadway at 12 noon and then we will go to Miniral that is down by Beeville, to Bury her we will have another service on sunday, she knew alot of ppl, she touched alot of lives, I hope that I am half the woman she is. I am going to miss her so very much, she was more then a mil, she was more like a mother, she took my side more then my mother a lot of times, she would fuss at my husband, I am really going to miss her.

  82. I’m so sorry to hear the bad news. I will keep you in prayer.

  83. I am so sorry for your loss Patricia you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers

  84. Thanx

  85. Patricia I know how hard it is when you loose a loved one I saw both of my grandmas pass away and I also saw my aunt pass away I was in the hospital room when my aunt took her last breath and I will tell you it sure was not easy for me I cried and cried and cried some more it was very hard but like you said they are all in a better place and not suffering no more

  86. I watch my father take his last breath, I told him that it was ok to go that would take care of mom and now that was hard,
    my husband left, he told me he could not watch it, he said he wanted to remember his mother the way she was that he had last week with her, my daughter was with me he did she her wed night and told her he loved her but she just kept getting sicker and could hardly breathe it was really awful to see her that way, I just stroke her hair and prayed to God, to take her that this was not her, I guess some of us have the strength to stay and watch and some of us dont it is not and easy thing to do to watch someone take their last breath, but I know she is in a much better place and she is no longer in pain.

  87. {{{{{{{{{{{EVERYBODY}}}}}}}}}

  88. True Patricia it was hard for me when I saw my aunt take her last breath I did not want to let her go it was the same way with both my grandmas I did not want them to go but then again I did not want them suffering either I know they are watching over me from heaven

  89. thanks for the hug Shelley right back at ya

  90. thanks for the hug Shelley, I really did need one,
    yea, and they are no longer suffering anymore and for that I am greatful.

  91. I miss my grandparents

  92. My deepest sympathy, Patricia.

  93. Without trying to sound ironic, trite or overly profound, I think it is significant that on the day that we experience a loss of a friend of a friend, we also experience a new beginning with Emily’s baby, Mortimer.

  94. On a more positive note, Reggie, Elena and I are going to the cook-off tomorrow and will eat more BBQ, ribs and junk in one setting than we have ever experienced before. I believe Reggie has been purging his system to make room for the new additions. I would prefer not to go any further than that.

  95. comment 96. I agree with you Lou. And also Patricia made a good point as well. No more suffering, the suffering is gone your Mother-In-Law has a new body and a joy that was have never experience, but some day we will if we are saved. It will take time for you to heal. It was that way for my brother. I still hurt because he is not here. I thought I would never laugh again.

  96. well Reggie he is in a much much better place your brother is watching over you and also you have all of us on here that love you you have a ton of good friends here

  97. You are right. It’s just us that are selfish and we want our love ones no matter what. Well I know that is the way I felt. I knew he was suffering and I still didn’t want to let go. I’m
    sure he was ready to let go and that is why he is gone. All of us know how it feel to lose a love one.

  98. True Reggie very true

  99. What is every body doing today? The weather is very nice.

  100. I am fixing to take a nap Reggie

  101. Hey Brian if I had a nice truck like your yours I would be showing it off. I really like your truck. It had back seats too?

  102. BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. RIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRISKET!!!!!!

  104. yeah Reggie I just woke up I am probably fixing to go drive around for a little bit and yeah it hs back seats like I said a couple days ago I dont mind hauling girls around

  105. Brian do you mind hauling me around ?

  106. no not at all Shelley

  107. Cool Brian cool

  108. Wonder if Emily had Morty yet

  109. me to Shelley

  110. Brian hows your mom

  111. Shelley my mom is doing really good I am proud of her shes tough I meen she has handled it really well thanks for asking

  112. Yes Emily is a mommy again.

  113. hy guy i am back from and i hade a good time on it i seen kid that i hade see in 12 year and it was nice to do it . so whont is going on in the grupe . Reggie did you get my email. take cear

  114. Hi Rich Missed you. I don’t remember getting a email from you. You may need to send it again. I’m happy you are sticking with us. Come over to the other blog and leave a comment.

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