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Reggie Bibbs and Just Ask Fight for Prop 1 – Houston Equal Rights Ordinance!

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Just Ask to speak at “Blues for Food” in Houston

From our friend, BFF organizer, Sonny Boy Terry, “Please start sharing this awesome poster. Looking forward to having Reggie W. Bibbs announce a band or two and lend his notoriety to our cause and hopefully create a little more awareness about the Just Ask Foundation.”




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Just Ask Speaks at Incarnate Word Academy in Houston, 9/17/15

Reggie Bibbs was invited by the students at Incarnate Word Academy to speak at their Listen n’ Lead Speaker Series on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015. The event was organized by student, Nadia Herrada, under the supervision of Charles Kafoglis, Dir. of Character and Leadership Development. It was the first time Reggie has ever presented at IWA and I got to tell you, we have never felt so welcome at any event before. Thank you Incarnate Word Academy including Kathryn and May for a wonderful experience!  PHOTOS



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Just Ask World Tour raises awareness at Trader’s Village

Hi, everyone, this is Reggie. Lou and I went to Traders Village this Sunday with 50 other Houston Art Cars to participate in a special Art Car Show for Traders Village shoppers.

Lots of people there. Ten years ago, I don’t think I could have did what I did today. It was amazing. People coming over to just ask about  neurofibromatosis. And other friends coming over to say hello. And saying words like, “They are happy to meet me.” No, It is a pleasure to me, to know someone that is so nice to me. I’m the blessed to have friends, and people who I just met to encourage me by their kindness. That is how I do what I do. Because of all you who see me.


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Dr. John Slopis – 2015 Reggie Bibbs NF Hero Award Winner



John M. Slopis, M.D.

In recognition of his selfless dedication, unwavering support and unconditional love he provides those with neurofibromatosis. With his caring and guiding hand, Dr. Slopis has given hope, comfort and treatment to thousands of patients challenged by NF through his inexhaustible knowledge of and experience with this little know disorder.

God bless you, Dr. Slopis. You are not only our Hero, you are our Guardian Angel!

This 12th Day of September 2015

Reggie W. Bibbs – Founder, Just Ask Foundation

Vincent Riccardi – Medical Advisor, Just Ask Foundation

Lou Congelio – Executive Director, Just Ask Foundation