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Alamo Air Conditioning comes to the rescue!!!

File Aug 13, 6 42 55 PM
Meet our newest Just Ask Heroes, Fred and Aggie Aguilar, owners of Alamo Auto Air in Spring Branch, Texas, who spent untold of hours rebuilding our air conditioning system on the bus for basically the cost of parts!

To all our friends in Houston, Texas, if you are having air conditioning problems, do not hesitate to trust your car to Alamo Auto Air at 8537 Longpoint in Houston, Tx. 77055
Phone: 713-464-6663. Just tell them Lou at Just Ask sent you and you will be treated like royalty. Fred and Aggie are beautiful people! Other air conditioning companies wouldn’t even touch our bus! Alamo not only took us in but fixed our vintage bus perfectly! I don’t think there is another AC shop in town who could have done a better job….then they cut the price to help us out!!! Please consider using these guys should you ever need AC service for your vehicle! Thank!

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For an additional $1,000, Lou will shave his head for Neurofibromatosis awareness!

For a measly little donation, you can make all this go away! Well, except for me, I'm staying!
For a measly little donation, you can make all this go away! Well, except for me, I’m staying!

Only $315 to go! I honestly don’t want to cut my beard but if it raises money and attention for Neurofibromatosis awareness, I’m all for it….for the right price, that is! $500 is all it will take to see my face bare-ass naked! Five people have already ponied up. How about the rest of you? For an additional $1,000, I will shave my head. That is definitely something I do not want to do! Go to to make a difference!

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Lou will shave his beard for $500!

Wanna see Lou shave his beard?

Donate to the Just Ask Foundation and Lou will not only shave his beard but video it and post it on the Just Ask Foundation website if $500 is raised by 4:43pm CST, August 12, 2015.

For an additional $1,000 in donations, he will tattoo Just Ask on a body part of his choosing.

Any takers?