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Just Ask World Tour Hanging with Kevin Nealon in LA

Reggie Bibbs and Kevin Nealon

Our fearless leader, Reggie W Bibbs, and some guy in a ball cap that looks a lot like the famous comedian from Saturday Night Live and Weeds, Kevin Nealon, catching up on old times! Kevin is a super supporter of the Just Ask Foundation, awareness of neurofibromatosis, and Reggie and even has a link to Reggie’s site on his homepage,

It’s not uncommon for Kevin to call or text Reggie from the road just to see how he was doing. He’s a great guy! Reggie first met Kevin and his wife Susan after a show in Manhattan Beach when Reggie and friend, Scott Dickson, went to the show. After the show, Kevin came out to meet Reggie and Scott. They had such a good talk, Kevin went backstage and brought his wife, Susan, to meet Reggie.

Sorry, Scott, but apparently you didn’t make as big an impression.

Reggie presented a Just Ask t-shirt to both Susan and Kevin and a beautiful friendship arose.

Now, whenever Kevin comes to Houston for a show, there are usually 8 passes at Will Call waiting for us. One year, he wore his Just Ask shirt during his comedy routine. But what’s really cool is hanging out with Kevin before and after the show.

Kevin Nealon is, quite possibly, the nicest person on Planet Earth. And we are so appreciated of his friendship!

Reggie Bibbs, Kevin Nealon, Scott Dickson and Lisa Dickson.
Reggie and Kevin say adios till next time, maybe in May during NF Awareness Month.
Kevin showing Reggie something interesting on his phone but Reggie won’t talk.
Kevin and Reggie solving the world’s problems at the Beech Street Cafe!



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An “Inside Look” at the Just Ask World Tour Bus


Ok, it may not look very pretty on the inside but it’s doing a world of good on the outside!

The reason the inside is so bare is because Reggie and I were determined to get on the road as quickly as possible to raise awareness of neurofibromatosis so we got the bus as mechanically sound as possible while designing a vinyl wrap on the outside to promote our message.

Anyway, as soon as Reggie returns from his California visit we will hit the road in the bus. interioraAnd, as always, donations are always appreciated and very much needed to keep the tour alive. Please visit to help! Or, if you prefer, checks can be sent to our Just Ask World Headquarters at:

Just Ask Foundation

4818 Heatherbloom

Houston, TX 77045
Thank you all so very much for your support and compassion!


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Just Ask World Tour Gets Photobombed at Buc-ee’s!

counter 1-10-15

Reggie Bibbs of the Just Ask Foundation with the Jerky Boys from Buc-ee’s #17 featuring the one and only, Dalton Hunter!
Photobombed at Buc-ee's---
Reggie and Dalton Hunter, one of the nicest young men you’d ever want to meet! If you have a 17 year old daughter, you’re going to like Dalton.


Just Ask Visits Buc-ee’s  The Greatest Convenience Store/Highway Stop and Home of the Cleanest Restrooms in the World and the World’s Greatest Employees!

This from Reggie Bibbs:

“I’m so happy about last night, I don’t know where to start, or how to put it into words.

Last night at Buc-ees was really nice. I met a lot of new friends. Now a lot of people know more about Neurofibromatosis. Every person I met made me happy with their kindness and acceptance.

Saraya Gabriela Navarro, Brandon, Reggie and Jon at Buc-ee’s #17 in Lulling!

Imagine, someone wanting to have their photo taken with you. It may seem to some, what’s the big deal. But when you have walked in my shoes, and the shoes of my friends that have NF. You just remember when counter 1-10-15someone is nice to you, like my new friends were to me at Buc-ee’s last night. It just gives you a good feeling.

There was this little kid with his Dad, I didn’t expect it, But this kid said to me, with exciment and kindness said. HELLO! with a smile. Thank you Buc-ee’s Employees.

Make it a Tremendous Day!

Ditto!  – Lou

Photos at:

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“Pimple” – Our newest ad to promote awareness of neurofibromatosis

Our new ad for the Just Ask World Tour campaign.
Our new ad for the Just Ask World Tour campaign.

In preparation for our Just Ask World Tour promoting awareness of neurofibromatosis, we are preparing special ads that we will send to the newspapers of the cities we are about to visit to see if they would run them as a Public Service Announcement (meaning for FREE!) while we are in town or afterward as a reminder or before as a teaser.

We have a bunch of really cool headlines but this is, by far, my favorite!

If anyone would like copies of the ads to try to get your local newspapers to run them, I would be happy to supply the files. Like Reggie says, Just Ask!


For more medical type definition of neurofibromatosis, I like the Mayo Clinic description best:








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What a Great Night Tonight at Hooter’s on Kirby in Houston!

Ronald, the "Hoster", Janecia Jefferson, our beautiful wait person and the Girls of Hooter's!
Ronald, the “Hoster”, Janecia Jefferson, our beautiful wait person and the Girls of Hooter’s!

As a belated Christmas present, I surprised Reggie W. Bibbs tonite and took him to Hooter’s on the advice of Richard B. Slayton who, apparently, goes there every nite!!!

But I digress.

Reggie and I went to the Hooters Kirby at Kirby and the Southwest Freeway in Houston. The moment we walked through the doors, we were treated like Kings, especially Reggie.

Without going through a lot of detail and mushy stuff, let it be sufficient to say that I have not received that level of service and honest compassion in a very long while. Ronald, the “Hoster”, Janecia, our beautiful wait person and Sean, the manager, made us feel like the most important people in the restaurant!

And it was a very nice feeling!

Reggie was totally blown away by everything. Ronald came up shortly after we were seated and very gently asked if it was ok to ask what had happened to Reggie. That’s all Reggie need to tell Ronald everything there is to know about neurofibromatosis in about two minutes.

Then Sean, the manager, came up and talked with us to make sure everything was good and he told us that he had two cousins named Reggie so I guess Reggie is “family!” And that’s what it felt like, family.

Sean Berry, the manager, and a very pretty dark haired girl!  Oh, and Reggie.
Sean Berry, the manager, and a very pretty dark haired girl! Oh, and Reggie.
The very beautiful Janecia Jefferson!
The very beautiful Janecia Jefferson!

Janecia was very kind when we asked if we could take her photo with Reggie and as you can see, very beautiful as well!

Then, as we were leaving, Ronald and Janecia called all the other wait staff and Sean over for a group photo!

Thank you everyone at Hooter’s on Kirby! You guys rocked the place tonight!


Lou Congelio and Reggie Bibbs

PS – I am going to post this then try to see if I can tag these wonderful people who deserve to be recognized. However, if you know them, please tag away! Thanks!