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Please Join Just Ask Foundation Facebook Page!

3623a0cb-2fe5-4521-b158-43cce503fa56To all friends of Reggie W. Bibbs:

Both of Reggie’s Facebook Pages are maxed out. The Just ask Foundation crew is quickly putting together a high quality site for all of Reggie’s friends to visit, to respond to and be inspired by. We are trying to gravitate ALL of Reggie’s friends, admirers and sponsors to post comments and questions only about neurofibromatosis and NF related events.

We intend to make
the official website for the Just Ask World Tour Bus.

I know Reggie, myself, Hayden WestLaura Elise WoodWilliam Hughes Matt Jones and the entire staff of Just Ask Volunteers thank you in advance for joining the Just Ask Team.

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Laughing all the way to awareness

   Just Ask Gang with Kevin

Kevin Nealon, former SNL star and long-time supporter of the Just Ask Foundation, preformed last Saturday, September 20th at Houston’s Improv comedy club. Naturally, the Just Ask crew stopped by for some laughs and photo-ops.

Kevin Shows Some Love

Nealon took the time to reconnect with Reggie before the show and was presented with his very own Just Ask World Tour shirt, which he even wore during his act! This thoughtful gesture even caught the attention of one audience member, who Just Ask-ed about it during the show! Kevin then told them about Just Ask and Reggie.

Afterward, Nealon joined the Just Ask crew to check out the bus. He has been a tireless supporter of the Just Ask Foundation for several years. We can’t wait to catch up with him again when the World Tour hits LA!

Kevin Talks with the Gang

If you are interested in purchasing a Just Ask World Tour shirt, they still are available here. Sizes range from Youth Medium to Men’s and Women’s XXXL.

Thanks to your wonderful generosity and support, the Just Ask World Tour is now able to venture farther and farther from home. However, we’re not done yet! We have taken care of the two most important needs of the bus, mechanical and visual. Now we need to concentrate of the interior and functionality.

Original Bus Interior

This ’91 vehicle sports the original interior. The Just Ask Foundation is not seeking luxury, only functionality. We need seating to accommodate Reggie’s unique needs, such as support for his leg. We also need spacious, lockable storage for t-shirts and other fabulous accessories, a comfortable captain’s chair for the brave bus driver, AC current for laptops and phone charging, exterior locks and privacy curtains.

Any help or suggestions in fixing up the interior of Just Ask Mobile is greatly appreciated. As always, we are accepting donations via Go Fund Me and PayPal. An Austin, TX tour stop is currently in the works, so be on the lookout for the Just Ask Mobile. In the meantime, there will be Just Ask World Tour news and updates regularly posted on social media and our website. Thank you again for your continual support towards promoting awareness of NF.

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“It’s great. But then of course it is; I’m in it.”

“This is NF” was a 60 second TV public service announcement for the Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation. Reggie remembers the shoot fondly. “I love this. I remember when we were filming. I felt like a star. The crew was really nice. David Norton Who Produced is, Amazing.” Something that hasn’t changed since the shoot is Reggie’s outstanding modesty. As he says in the video, “It’s great. But then of course it is; I’m in it.”

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Reggie Speaks on Coping with NF

From BCNF Symposium 2013, Reggie speaks about his strategies for coping with the challenging effects of Neurofibromitosis. Also, The Reggie Bibbs NF Hero Award is presented to Courtney Willoughby who stepped up to spread NF awareness in her community after her diagnosis and triumphs in her battle with NF. Remember, The Just Ask! Foundation runs entirely on the generosity of others, so please consider making a donation to the Just Ask! World Tour to help Reggie continue speaking across the U.S. and Canada.

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Founder Reggie Bibbs before Just Ask!

Here’s a PSA from 1990 featuring director of Just Ask, Reggie Bibbs. Just Ask! was not even an idea at this time, but Reggie has always been a voice for the NF community ‪#‎tbt‬