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The Just Ask World Tour: Stop #1

The Bus Stops Here!

Texas NF Symposium 2014 at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston

Just Ask founders Reggie Bibbs and Lou Congelio drove the Just Ask Mobile to MD Anderson Cancer Center last Saturday, August 16th, to attend the annual NF Symposium presented by the Texas NF Foundation of Dallas, Texas.

Cindy Hahn, Executive Director of the Texas NF Foundation, and Emily Deutscher, Development & Events Director at the Foundation, did a great job in putting together an incredible event that allowed everyone to reconnect with NF friends and families from years past while also making many new friends!

A “Who’s Who” of NF doctors, surgeons, researchers, and clinicians were on hand to update us on the latest news and treatments. Among the doctors and topics discussed were:

Overview of NF and Genetics – John M. Slopis, M.D., MD Anderson Cancer Center

Benign and MPNST’s Surgical Resection – Ian E. McCutcheon, M.D., MD Anderson Cancer Center

Neuropsychology, Education and NF – M. Kris Frost, M.Ed, and John M. Slopis, M.D., MD Anderson Cancer Center

Clinical Research and New Protocols – Laura J. Klesse, M.D., Dallas Children’s Medical Center

Scolosis/Psuedarthrosis – Charles E. Johnston, M.D., Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, Dallas

Brain Tumor – Wafik Zaky, M.D., MD Anderson Cancer Center

Thank you Cindy, Emily, Dr. Slopis, and the Texas NF Foundation for all you do for the NF community. I don’t want to think what it would be like without you! For more information on the Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation, visit or follow them on Facebook.

Reggie Bibbs and Sarah Hines Austin
Reggie Bibbs and Hannah
Cindy Hahn and Emily Deutscher of Texas NDF Foundation

Reggie Bibbs and Dr. John Slopis of MD Anderson Cancer Center
Reggie Bibbs and Dr. John Slopis

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Reggie whips up on three NF friends!

Today,  I was creamed by 
Reggie W. Bibbs after Courtney Willoughby nominated me for cremation. And to think I actually liked Courtney during one, very narrow window of time when i was obviously incapacitated with love by the beauty and charm of her mother, Tracey Willoughby.

But, being that as it may, i went through with the unspeakable miasma of horror only cheap Foodarama whipped cream could provide and did my duty!

However, what wasn’t in the plan was to be dumped on by freezing, ice cold water after the creaming of the face by my former friend, Reggie Bibbs.

Needless to say, somebody is going to die tomorrow and three guesses who it will be!!!

In any event, being the good father that I am, I nominate my daughterElena Congelio to join the fun that is NF Awareness.

Also, for those who would prefer to forego this unique, mind-numbing experience, you can just make a little donation to the Just Ask World Tour Fund and nobody needs to get hurt! Just sayin…