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HRD Sirens Celebrate NF Awareness Day with Reggie!

Reggie Bibbs and Rod "Dirty Sanchez" Lozano“May 17th was World Neurofibromatosis (NF) Awareness Day and the Psych Ward Sirens celebrated with long time Siren fan Reggie Bibbs.

 Reggie lives with NF and is the founder of the Just Ask! Foundation. Just Ask! is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness about NF through the people most affected by it.

You’ll often see Reggie at bouts with his friend Lou Congelio. Reggie and Lou were named Super Fans of Houston Roller Derby at the league’s awards banquet earlier this year.

For more information about NF and Just Ask!, you can go to

– Rod Lozano,  Coach, Psych Ward Sirens


Ok, this is Lou talking now and I want to thank Rod “Dirty Sanchez” Lozano for putting together a night that Reggie and I will not soon forget!

As soon as we got through the doors, we were greeted by Rod with the wonderful poster card you see in the photograph signed by all the members of the Sirens.

The Psych Ward Sirens and Reggie!
The Psych Ward Sirens and Reggie!

But it didn’t stop there, Rod then set up an impromptu photo sessionwhere all of the Sirens came to get their photo taken with Reggie!

Then, on top of that, Rod bought two Just Ask tshirts and made a MAJOR contribution to the Just Ask Mobile Bus Fund!!!

Thank you, Rod, “Dirty” and all of the Sirens for an incredible evening of love, friendship, and the best Derby action on the Planet Earth!!!

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Farah Zaghmouth and Reggie hanging at Star Pizza on Washington!

Farah Zaghmouth and Reggie Bibbs
Farah Zaghmouth and Reggie Bibbs

Reggie and I stopped at Star Pizza in the Heights for a pre-game meal before attending the Houston Roller Derby at the Bayou Music Theatre last Saturday.

As soon as walked onto the patio at Star we were approached by Farah who made us feel like we were the only customers at the restaurant.

Thank you Farah for a wonderful visit, your beautiful smile and the best damn pizza on the planet! If you’ve never been to Star Pizza, you’re missing out on some of the best pizza in the city.

My personal favorite is the New York style, whole wheat Starburst or the Joe’s Special, mad with fresh sautéed spinach and lots of fresh garlic!!!!!!!