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Over 6,500 “Just Ask!” T-shirts Sold as of 5/31/11!!!!

As promised, I intend to pay tribute to each and everyone who sends me a photo of themselves or someone else they know, wearing one of my Just Ask T-Shirts.

I see by these outward expressions that people really do care about those with NF and spreading the word, they care first by purchasing one of my shirts and by wearing the shirt in public, and lastly by taking the time to have their picture taken. Here is what I desire; send me a picture of you or someone else wearing one of my shirts. I think this is going to be a lot of fun, lets see just how public everyone can be, the more people around, the better exposure NF will have, (a little raise in shirt sales won’t hurt ether.)

Some of you may not have received your orders as yet, but I’m sure you will receive it soon. I personally fold and prepare each shirt for shipment, and try to stay caught up as best as is possible. The photos will be posted, as they are received. Old pictures are ok too, it is never too late, even if your shirt is faded it’s ok. I’m looking forward to receiving yours soon. If you only have hard copy pictures, that’s ok, I’ll find someone to scan them and I’ll return the originals if requested. Please no inappropriate photos, G-Rated only please, Also please include your name properly spelled as you desire or maybe written on the back of the hard copies. Thank you! Reggie

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What the cool people are wearing this summer!

Introducing the new. redesigned “Just Ask!” t-shirt in charcoal gray. Just in time for fun, summer swear! Perfect for the beach, boating, mountain climbing, bowling, you name it! Available in medium, large, XL, XXL and XXXL. To purchase your very own new. redesigned “Just Ask!” t-shirt in charcoal gray, click here!

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My New Shoes, Part 1!

Today Lou and I went to the Village Shoe Shop.  The last time I had shoes made was  two years ago.  So it was time for new shoes.  I’m thankful for my friend Lee Headley taking care of the cost of my shoes. I would not have been able to buy them.

My friends Edie, and Ester, at Village Shoe Shop, took care of everything to start the process. I should have new shoes in about 4 to 6 weeks. Stay tuned to see the posting with me sporting my new shoes.

While I was there, My Facebook friend, Kim Reed,  saw my post about me going to the shoe shop and wanted to stop by but she wasn’t able to make it.  She asked her husband Joe to come and see me.

I know Kim and Joe Reid from Second Baptist Church, where I attend. I was happy to see Joe again, and I look forward to seeing Kim soon. It really turned out to be one of those days.  A Tremendous Day for sure!  Enjoy the photos.