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Order your brand-spankin’ new “Just Ask” t-shirts here!


If you’d like to order your very own, “official” JUST ASK! t-shirt, you’re at the right place!

T-shirts are available in kid’s medium and adult small, medium, large, X-large, 2X and 3X. The men’s shirt is available in yellow, and the ladies shirt is available in blue, pink. or plum, with a fitted waist and a v-neck. Cost is just $15 per shirt + $5.00 shipping / handling with all proceeds going toward increasing awareness of neurofibromatosis.

Choose from men or women’s shirts below, and thanks for supporting Just Ask! ORDER HERE!

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My 46th Birthday Bash at Saltgrass Steak House, 8/17/10!

This is a simple blog to write today. I can’t say how thankful I feel.  It was a very busy morning, but in a good way. I was flooded with over 200 birthday wishes on Facebook. Just as my friend said, “You are 46 now, and you will be 47 when you finish replying to everyone who wished you Happy Birthday.”

Thank you, Lou, and everyone else who made my birthday the best one ever! Dinner with good friends, and at one of the friendliest places in Houston, the Saltgrass Steak House in Meyerland  just off 610.   The staff did a tremendous job! Special thanks to Michael, our server, who kept Lou’s beer cold and the food coming!!!

I had the surprise of my life when we walked in the door at Saltgrass. Standing in front of me was an old friend from the early days of the Texas NF Foundation, Gary Stankowski!!!! It was so nice seeing him and his very pretty wife, Susie.

Those that didn’t have dinner with me sent a most welcome happy birthday text. But not until I was born, 9:45pm  I thought it was funny and true.

Enjoy the photos. I didn’t get drunk nor did I drink so there are no embarrassing photos. Well, except for those with Lou and Everette!


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Steak Nite at PJ’s, 8/12/10

Tonight, Matt, Geo and I went to PJ’s for Steak Nite. We wanted Reggie to go but he wasn’t feeling up to it. It’s been a while since the gang has been here but we decided to start the tradition back up again. Hopefully, next tine Willian, John Person, John Aucoin, and John Cassius will be able to join us. It was great seeing PJ and some of the regulars although missing were some of our favorites: Dawn, Ovie, Jenny, Erica and the rest of the dudes. But hey, what the hell, you gotta start somewhere! Next Thursday will be even better! We’ll drag Reggie here if we have to!

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NF Symposium, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, 8/7/10

Today was a great day at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. The Texas NF Foundation put on a symposium for NF patients detailing the latest treatment options, research, genetic testing, clinical trials, learning disabilities, and educational partnerships regarding neurofibromatosis. We had incredible presenters: Dr. John Slopis, Dr. Bartlett Moore, Dr. Ian McCutcheon, Dr. Shweta Dhar, Dr. Laura Klesse and Brenda Nelson.

Drs. John Slopis and Bart Moore, Reggie Bibbs and Dr. Ian McCutcheon of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


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Drew Nelson – Singer, songwriter and friend to NF’ers!

When I was in Grand Rapids a few months ago, I met  Drew Nelson. I listened to him play, and I think he is terrific!  I was able to say hello and speak to him for just a short time.  We just became friends on Facebook. He had a show last night and even though I wasn’t there, I asked him to sing one on my favorite songs of his, “Molly’s Home” from his new album, “Dusty Road to Beulah Land.” Here is the message he sent to me after the show,

“Hey Reggie.. I played ‘Molly’s Home’ tonight .. Closed my eyes and pictured you. Hope you are doing well.” – Drew

What a nice guy. When he is in Houston, I for sure will go see him play. He has supported an NF event in Grand Rapids so I’m going to support him with his gift of music.  I hope my friends will  support him as well!

Drew’s Facebook Page