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Lou tries out his new video camera.

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Just Ask Foundation Honored at Houston Roller Derby Tonight!

The future stars of the Houston Roller Derby, 2011!

Thank you, girls, for putting up with me tonight and being so nice to Reggie. If you are a sampling of the talent coming up in the roller derby system, Houston Roller Derby will be in great hands in the years to come! Please leave your names in the comment area so we can tag your names. Also, Please friend Reggie Bibbs on Facebook. We will be posting the photos there as well and we’d love to tag your photos!

To all the wonderful people we met tonight, please leave a comment, tell us your name, friend Reggie Bibbs on Facebook and let Reggie know just how important what he is doing is. It was so heartening tonight to have people come up to Reggie and introduce themselves and shake his hand. Reggie is definitely an inspiration to us all!

PHOTOS Also, Reggie and I got a big surprise when Todd Packard came up to us before the matches started and handed us two bagfuls of “Just Ask!” pins. (See inset photo) He printed two designs, one with the face outline and another with the script”Just Ask” and the url. We were both touched by the sincerity of Todd and his generosity, Thank you, Todd! What a great idea!!!

Todd Packard
Raven Knockahoe

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The Discovery Channel Documentary Crew in “Just Ask!” T-shirts!

We wanted to send
a big thankyou from the team!
This is the team
below-Tom Lindley on the left, then Tom Peppiatt who you know, Hereward
Pelling our Series Producer , Peter Crystal who you also
Then below
are Caroline Meyer our coordinator and myself the Production Manager Donna!

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Just Ask Foundation to be Honored at Houston Roller Derby this Saturday!