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Psych Ward Siren Fundraiser

Lou and I went to the Psych Ward Siren Fundraiser. It was the perfect thing to do today. I had a terrific time with great friends.  What made it fun, was I had a chance to talk to the siren’s away from the ring. It was my  time to be there  supporting a team that have been there for me, Supporting my Just Ask campaign.  Also I met a few new friends. Jimmy Brewer, and his Brother. Jimmy’s brother introduce me to the band. If you like the bag pipes, you will love this band.  The music was great. They played Amazing Grace. That was  the best.  Houston Highlanders Pipe Band. I can get you in contact with them if you are needing a Bag Pipe Band.  Enjoy the photos, and yes I was playing the bag pipes  NOT!

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Check out these cool doodles from famous Texas people!

Doyle Brunson #1 (The Legend of Poker: 10 Time WSOP Champion)

Doyle Brunson #2

Bruce Robison (TX songwriter & recording artist)

Kelly Willis (Alternative Country’s Golden Goddess; wife of Bruce Robison)

Darden Smith (TX singer-songwriter – “Loving Arms”, “Levee Song”)

Sara Hickman (Official State Musician of TX)

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Tremendous Nite at the Houston Roller Derby, 5/14/10

More photos right here

What a great night at the Roller Derby. Please meet my new friends in the photos above. The friends above made the night special f. I don’t remember the little girls name in the photo. She was specially nice, and caring. Seem to be concern about me. I hope she knows that because of her and her Dad and friends I had a terrific night. Thank you for asking about nf, and for taking a photo with me.

Of course it is always fun watching all the roller derby action. All of the teams are good at what they do, Roller Derby, a good place for anyone to go, and get treated as if, you of you are the champs. All the teams treat the fans as if we are playing. Hats off to all of the HRD for treating the so special.

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Check out the NF doodles on ebay and bid on them!

Doodle Day 2010 is here!!

Hooray!  It’s National Doodle Day!  The eBay auction to benefit NF, Inc. begins today, May 13th, at 6pm ET, 3pm PT, 10pm GMT.  We have an awesome combination of celebrity Doodlers and superb artists, illustrators, cartoonists and caricaturists for a total of 161 Doodles!

Before the auction begins, view the Doodles alphabetically or by category at

Once the auction begins, you can go straight to eBay and search on seller nfinccharity or you can click on the eBay link at

Hi Reggie,

The doodle auction started about an hour and a half ago!

I have made links that go directly to your auction page as well as the auction pages of Kevin Nealon, Sarah Silverman, and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Reggie Bibbs

Sarah Silverman #1

Sarah Silverman #2

Kevin Nealon

Sugar Ray Leonard #1

Sugar Ray Leonard #2

And this is the link to NF, Inc.’s eBay page with all the doodles



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A Reggie Portrait

My friend Donna St. Pierre, from facebook contact and ask if she could paint a portrait of my face. After see her amazing work of other people with facial differences as well as ll the other faces. I was impressed. I felt honored Donna ask to do a portrait of me. Please visit her website to see more of her work.