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Texas Renaissance Festival, 11/29/2009!

4145188787_f8c6ca28c6_b4145188835_9fb1328314_bALL PHOTOS!

Well, I almost missed out on a well needed lift in spirit.  After not feeling in such a good way, my friend Lou called me ans ask me to go to the Renaissance Festival again this year. Thanks to Lou and all of my friends I met today, gave me something to bring that smile that my friends tell me they like to see.  If if were not for my friend talking me, I would have missed meeting all the wonderful people that made me happy. All of you that I met today, I hope to see your comment on my blog, as well as enjoy all the photos, while you are learning about NF.  Thanks and see you on the blog.

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Happy Turkey Day!


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This just in from Reggie in California…



In this photo you see me goofing around a little. This was a different trip for me. It was special in many ways. My friend Scott Dickson, who lives in Manhattan Beach California invited me  for a visit.  We went in the mountains. Kings Canyon. I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as the Redwoods, and the mountains.  There was snow on the ground and trees.  If you haven’t visit Kings Canyon’s, you must make the trip soon.  It is well worth the time.  We did our best to capture nature’s beauty in the photos, but you just have to be there to really see what it is really like.   The drive was long, with  beautiful  mountains and  lots of fields with growing fruits trees.

I want to say thank you to Scott and his family for making it possible. Scott and Lisa Dickson  have always made me feel welcome in their home.  Also Lou called and gave me lots of encouragement.  He reminded me of something that I needed to hear at that time. He said I was strong.  I was bothered at the time, but didn’t tell Lou. But it was like he knew. He spoke the words when I needed to hear them.  He doesn’t know, but what he told me helped me. Thanks Lou.

Not to forget about Steve Bass, my transportation to and from the airport, which was a big help to me.  Enjoyed the conversation.  I’m excited about your involvement and for wanting to be more involved with  Just Ask. Thanks for wanting to help!

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Veteran’s Day, 2009


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Another crazy Steak Nite at PJ’s!