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Boss Blog of the Month: Neurofibromatosis Cafe

reggie-bibbsReprinted without permission from the Official Schipul Web Marketing Website

Boss [baws, bos]
1. exemplifies a unique quality; awesome; incredible
2.  An expression from the mid 1950s, which fell from favor by the early 1960s….until now.
Hey dude, do you know Reggie Bibbs? I heard his blog is so boss.

As I stand sit here, amongst a sea of people, adorning my wizards’ cloak and wand, I feel the need to rise up…for today marks the start of something glorious! No, they have not finally captured the French Big Foot named Clouseau and put him on display in Canada. Come on dude. This friends, is the beginning of a new era…a place where bloggers can be exalted for a job well done. A place where I can sit here every month and say…This Blog is So Boss.

Like all historic revolutions, I must start out with a bang followed by a little pow. Hell, let’s throw in a 540 tornado kick, landing in a roundout back flip – blindfolded. It’s true, some blogs just have that affect on people, and ninja moves aside, I am honored to feature a local Houston blog, “Neurofibromatosis Café” as the boss blog of the month.

So what you’re saying is there’s a new place in town for coffee and tweet-ups? Coffeegroundz what? Unfortunately no… but there is a man named Reggie Bibbs.  Reggie was born with neurofibromatosis (NF) which is a genetic disease that causes him to develop tumors on his body. He began this blog, along with long-time friend Lou Congelio, president of STANANDLOU Advertising, to spread the word of NF. Continue reading Boss Blog of the Month: Neurofibromatosis Cafe

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Justin Barton from Dallas

3945060435_308f531930_b(4)Meet Justin Barton, a devoted golfer. I recently met Justin and his family in Dallas at the Denise Terrill Golf Classic. This is an annual event hosted by Minerva and Bob Terrill to raise awareness and research funds for neurofibromatosis research. The golf tournament really gives hope to those who are affected by NF.  A big thank you to the Terrills for their hard work

It was at that event that I met Justin and his family. Thank you Justin for your visit and the lunch today. Mom and I had a great time.  You will be in our prayers, as well as your friend you will visit today.  Stay strong and know that you have our support.

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What you missed on the Just Ask! Live Chat last night…

Picture 1jptex: I said you are a pathologist….

Guest34: A pathologist of the speech kind haha

I wouldn’t work with dead people because its kind of hard to teach/evaluate their speech.

adgiant: Yea, they tend to mumble

jptex: You will love to come here and here us Texans talk

Guest34: Well I’m just here under guest

Is that so?

adgiant: Evere see 6th sense?

Guest34: Nah

adgiant: the kid saw dead people. I hear dead people. Continue reading What you missed on the Just Ask! Live Chat last night…

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Camp for All, 9/12/09

(Front, l to r: Beth, Gloria, Bea, Reggie Bibbs,?,?,?,Mrs. Lister, John Lister, )

(Double-click on photo above for the names of our Just Ask! ambassadors)

See all the photos on Facebook

See all the photos on Flickr

If you were at Camp for All this weekend, please leave a comment below and your full name so that we can tag your name to the photos on Facebook and Flickr. Also, a brief description of yourself or where you are in one of the photos. Or, better yet, go to Facebook or Flickr photos and tag yourself or leave a comment saying that you are in that photo so we can get to know each other better and connect faces with names.

Unfortunately, we met so many new people this weekend that we can’t remember all of the names. Either that or we were too drunk! Just kidding….

Reggie Bibbs.

This year Camp For All, was  more then words can 3917339245_a7863406cadiscribe.    Thank goodness for the rain, yes a rainy camp weekend.  We had a great time.  No there was no mud wrestling, all though all of the ellemants was there to have a few matches. We discided to meet our new commers to camp this year.  It was nice meeting friends that I talk to on  FaceBook,  and finnally meeting them at camp. Also It was nice meting our friends who we see every year was a blast as well.  Plese new commers join in the blog and talk about camp.   Remember to tag your photos on facebook so everyone will know who you are. Maybe we can encourage more to join us next year.  Thanks for making Camp a time to remember. And, thank you Texas NF Foundation for making this all possible!!!

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It is that time of year again. The Texas NF Foundation, is making it possible for nearly 200 persons to have a great weekend at Camp For All. This weekend will be our yearly camp for persons with nf, along with family and friends. The one time most of us get to see each other. I’m looking forward to horse back riding, Zip line, which I hear is lots of fun. Fishing, petting zoo, and Lots of talking with new and old friends. Also looking forward to sharing with you photos to all who can’t make it to camp this year. Let’s talk about camp this week. What do you look forward to this weekend at Camp For All.