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NF Lobbyist in Washington needs our help!

Here is a link to past your draft letter

DRAFT Senate Support Letter

Dear friends,

I received this support letter template via email from our neurofibromatosis lobbyist in Washington, D.C. She asks that we distribute this letter to all our friends of NF so they can sent it to their congressperson in D.C. This letter is the result of our meetings earlier this year when I went to talk with the senators and Army people to continue funding for NF research. This is very important and I know everyone with NF will want to help. Thank you.


Okay, this will remove the last barrier to 100 percent compliance with Sir Reggie’s command. Here is a website with names and addresses of all 100 Senators. – Bart Moore

The Honorable (Senator’s Name)

(Office Address)

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator (Name):

As someone closely touched by Neurofibromatosis (NF), I write to request your support for the Army’s Neurofibromatosis Research Program in the Fiscal 2010 Department of Defense Appropriations bill. The House of Representatives included $25 million for NF research as part of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) for FY2010, and I write to encourage the Senate to also include $25 million for this program when the FY2010 Defense Appropriations bill is considered. Significant advances in NF research have been made, due in large part to the Army’s program, and leading researchers are now on the threshold of a treatment and a cure for this terrible disease. Continue reading NF Lobbyist in Washington needs our help!

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Join me at Houston Roller Derby Saturday Nite!


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Steak Nite at PJ’s!

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The guys and I went to PJ’s last night and had a ball! Met a bunch of new people, handed out a bunch of cards. Good times! I think Houston Roller Derby is tomorrow night!!! Can’t wait to see all my friends there! I missed the championship bout last week. The Bosses won over the Psych Ward Sirens. Well, I love them both!


Last night was the first steak night in what seem like 2 months or more.  I had a Tremendous time. I haven’t seen the guy’s in a while, so it was perfect timing.

Main topic was about our upcoming NF camp in Burton Texas. I’m hoping it will be nights like the one we had last night.  If you haven’t been to a steak night, you are missing out. Post on the blog if you ever want to join us. It may be a night of our Reggie Bibbs Orchestra. You can’t miss that.  Enjoy the photos, and let’s keep  the comments rolling in on this topic.

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Just Ask! in Uniontown, PA.

Just Ask!Reggie,

there I was, back in my home town for the PA HOG Rally.  Nothing to do with farm animals, HOG stands for Harley Owner’s Group.  The rally was a bit of a let down, compared to some we have attended over the years, but being back home was great.

Thought you might want to see my small effort to get the word out in Western PA.

Your friend,
Ed Olsavicky

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Reggie’s 45th birthday.

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