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Behind the scenes with Reggie and the Houston Texans Cheerleaders

Who says life isn’t always fair? Well, it is in this case. This morning when I was awakend by the alarm clock, I never expected that I would have the honor of having a photo op with the Houston Texans Cheerleaders. The photo shoot was taken at VT2 Studios. The Cheerleaders took time to have a few photos taken with me. This really brightens my day. Stay tuned maybe you will see more photos added as we hope to take more. Remember to Support and Cheer for our home team.

GO Texans, You have my support!      SEE ALL THE PHOTOS


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Fire Marshall Shuts down Houston Roller Derby!!! Too many fans!!!

3645170045_0457b161b3_b1Fans, we so appreciate you. Last night was such an exciting night of play that ended in a way none of us could have expected. We are so sorry for the inconvenience and the disappointment of the night ending short. It was a huge let-down for us as well, and HRD is working with Kicks to figure out how to handle the situation. Hold onto your tickets and check back here for updated information.

Please come back and see us! We love and need our fans!

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


The fire marshall shut us down in the middle of the second bout! Too many people!!!!!! A testimony to the fact that Houston Roller Derby is rapidly gaining a following. Maybe we need to petition the city to build us an arena.

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MTV Wants to Tell Your Story!

673px-mtv-logosvgDear Reggie,

I am writing to you because my company, Gigantic! Productions, is working on a new episode of the documentary series “True Life” for MTV. In this particular episode, we are focusing on young people suffering from Neurofibromatosis. We are currently looking for one or two more individuals to feature in the show. During the course of our research, we found you. We were wondering if you might be willing to share your story with us. We were also wondering if you would be willing to share the casting announcement (pasted below) with your online community, your friends, family, and doctors that you know.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to me. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to look this over. Yours sincerely, Lorrie Grace McCann

True Life: I Have Neurofibromatosis

Are you living with Neurofibromatosis? Do you have visible tumors or spots on your skin that you wish you could get rid of for good? Were you recently diagnosed with NF, or have you had it as long as you can remember? Are you planning on having surgery to remove a tumor or undergoing treatment to stop its growth? Is NF causing problems for you at school, at work, or in social situations? If so, MTV wants to hear your story. If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 25, please email [email protected] with the details. Please include your name, location, phone number and photograph if possible.

Lorrie Grace McCann
G I G A N T I C !  P R O D U C T I O N S
145 Hudson Street | Suite 200A | New York, NY 10013
ph: 212.979.7227 ext. 102 |

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Louise “wee-lou” Cunningham, Feb 4, 1988 – June 11, 2009


“louise took ill again early thursday morning she made the choice not to have medical intervention she passed away at 4.15 on thursday afternoon. she was so brave and had all our family with her and her two best friends.”

– Tracy Cunningham, Louise’s aunt

wee lou’s Facebook page

photos youtube

wee lou makes the decision of her life

The above entry was posted on Monday, July 28th, 2008 shortly after Wee Lou was informed of her medical options.

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Reggie wins big at Sam Houston Race Park!

3624102744_4707e3455c_b13 smackeroos!!!

See all the photos here!

Yes Lou and I went to Sam Houston Race Park yesterday. We had a lot of fun. My first time there and I met a lot of nice people. Yea it was  13 smackeroos. I think if it at 23 dollors. I laid down 10, and got back a $20 and 3 ones.  So it was $23.  Oh didn’t have to deal with the heat, we had a sweet. Nice and cool there. Enjoy the photos, I have 13 bucks, oh I mean $23 bucks to spent.