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Charles and Aaron Neville are my new best friends!

Thanks to my friend, Matt, and the tour manager of the Neville Brothers, I received several autographed photos of myself with Charles Neville the other day. I received Aaron’s yesterday.

I had sent the four brothers autographed photos of me with each of them and had them framed. I also sent some extra for them to sign and send back.

Charles Neville signed two extra copies and took time to express mail them back. It means a lot to me that someone as famous as Charles would take the time to sign photos, write a thank you note and then send it to me from a UPS station in Massachusetts. In fact, he even called to make sure he had the right address! Now, how nice is that?!!

Charles, Aaron and the Neville Brothers are the kind of musicians and role models that I am proud to call my friends.

Thank you Charles and Aaron for being so kind and caring.

Long Live the Neville Brothers!!!

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Reggie Wins Big at AMA Crystal Awards!!!

Reggie won the American Marketing Association’s highest award, the Crystal Award, for his blog dedicated to awareness of neurofibromatosis and support for those affected.

Reggie won the award in the Online Social Network or Blog

We met a great couple, Melissa and some guy whose name I can’t remember, sorry about that. They are from L to R: Melissa’s husband, Melissa, Reggie and Bill Courtney at the AMA Crystal Awards.

Thanks Melissa, the most beautiful woman at the AMA Awards tonight for taking your photo with us. And, ok, thank your husband too! : > ) Clink on this link to see all of the photos!

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I’m excited about the new changes coming to my website. There will be a new look and more features. Everything will be done within the site including the blog!!!. There will be a live video chat. I hope to have an area on the site for Interviews with our doctors from MD Anderson with your Questions. With the hope of posting them on my site. Also I will start what I call JUST ASK ambassadors. In your area, whereever you live you can do what I am doing. A “Just Ask!” ambassador will get Just Ask business card’s, a “just Ask!” t-shirt, and their very own blog. I will post your photos when you send them. This will be global and and anyone can be a part! More to come…SOON!!!!

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Steak Night at PJ’s, 5/15/08!

We had a blast last night at PJ’s!!!! Here’s what’s going on the rest of the week.

Karaoke Every other Friday 9:00PM Football Sundays Bring your favorite dish, line up a cab or designated driver, and join the fun Poker Every Tuesday 7:00PM to 10:00PM Thursday is Steak Night Good Food, Good Friends and Good Sports. 614 W Gray St. (2 blocks east of Montrose) 713. 520.1748

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Hi Reggie and Lou,

NF, Inc. has updated the front page of their website to promote the auction with the autographed photo of Dr. Riccardi wearing your Just Ask t-shirt! 🙂 They have also included a link to your website. By the way, the auction is proceeding VERY nicely. Thanks SOOO much again for ALL your fantastic help and support!