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2 Heros Helping Just Ask!

Ok, here’s the news that you have all been waiting to hear. I’m not sure if you have noticed but some of my postings have mentioned that I have been using my phone to post on Facebook.

Well, not any more! Because of a dear friend in Canada, I now have my very own, high-speed Internet service!

Here’s what happened:

After the airing of  “My Brand New Face!” on the Discovery Channel,  Kevin from Canada (who wishes to remain anonymous),  saw the program, wrote me a nice message, and we became friends! I guess Kevin was super bored one day and started looking at all of my web accounts including my Just Ask! Foundation website at

Anyway, he went to my Just Ask! site and saw that I needed internet service, as I was piggy-backing(with their permission, of course) on my neighbor’s wireless service which was less than dependable.  Kevin immediately emaild me and asked if he could pay for the Internet Services for The Just Ask Foundation! Of course, I said, “YES!!!!!!!!”  Well, today, thanks to Kevin, Comcast hast just installed my lightning quick internet service for the Just Ask! Foundatio!!! I can’t thank Kevin enough for his very generous contribution!

Thanks to Kevin, I am now LIVE and NATIONWIDE!!!

Now, I can help promote awareness of neurofibromatosis faster and better than ever before!!!  I also want to thank M.D. Anderson NF doctor, Bart Moore, for donating an incredible digital camera to the cause. I’m going to bring it with me to Dallas next month so I can share my experience with all my Web and Facebook friends!!!

It’s been a great start to a great new year and I just can’t wait to see how far we go!!!  With your help, we can make life easier for all of us challenged by NF! Thank you all for your support.

Now, get out there, be seen, and enjoy what life has to offer! With much love, Reggie!

9 thoughts on “2 Heros Helping Just Ask!

  1. Oh Reggie Im so happy for u and ur Foundation.!Thanks Mr. Kevin ….Love u Reggie …. Stay bless my friend !!!

  2. Hi Marcella, Thank you for your post. A real angel he is. I’m thankful.

  3. Thats cool. Will look forward seeing you on the 9th. Seems like everyone getting digital cameras putting me out of being the NF Photogapher. Will still try to do what I can when I can. Thanks Mr. Kevin for your time and donations to the cause.

  4. Yes, I looking to Dallas as well. Don’t know what to expect, so I don’t know. I’m sure it will be fun.

  5. Hopefully, more people will start coming back here on a regular bases and get this blog/chat going again.

  6. I hope so. I think in time they will.

  7. Yay. Im happy for you Reggie!

  8. I just wanted to say that everyone deserves a big hand, I think that what they have done is so amazing. They truely are heros.

  9. Hi Alicia, Thank you for your kind words.

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