1100001133_07577994c3_b.jpgI learned how to use a digital camera, sort of.

Stay tuned for photos to be posted at your favorite Flickr site, or Reggie’s!

I missed you guys…in a perverse sort of way!

– Adgiant


23 thoughts on “What I did on my summer vacation!

  1. hey reggie I think Lou never told us because he thinks its James Bond material just like I am your new hero but you wont tell nobody why because its like top secret LOL

  2. That is some beautiful country, Lou! I really miss green. This living in the desert thing is not for me! Y’all look like a fun loving bunch. I love the sideways and upside down pics of Elena.

  3. The mountains of Pennsylvania are the best kept secret in the US! There’s nothing more fun than driving through some small downtown in the middle of nowhere. It’s like going back in time when everything was simple and basic. Fresh air, wild animals, trails to hike, mountain creeks to swim in, down home food in mom and pop restaurants, etc. etc. Sometimes I ask myself why are you killing yourself in Houston. Then I remember, I like to buy stuff! Can’t make much of a living in a small town unless you own it.

    Elena took all those photos of herself. I’m amazed that she was able to keep her face in frame! She’s a cool kid!

  4. Wow Lou, tell Elena I am impressed with her photo taking abilities…is she in school yet??? my kids have year round school….bummer.


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