shirtsale1.jpgHere are two of my nieces, who you have seen before. They are helping me get the word out that our new shipment of JUST ASK t-shirts just arrived! FINALLY!!! I know many of you have been waiting patiently since we ran out last month and I really, really appreciate it.

To order, click here!

ALL sizes are now available to anyone that would like to order. S, M, L, XL, 2XL AND 3XL!!! They make terrific birthday, Christmas and wedding presents! And nothing says “I Love You!” more than a “Just Ask!” t-shirt on Valentine’s Day!!!

Wear one to the office on “casual Fridays.” Don’t have “casual Friday’s?” You do now!!!
“Just Ask!” t-shirts are extremely versatile, too! They are all made of 100% cotton and are super absorbent…PERFECT for litter boxes, spaghetti strainers and, my favorite, bowling trophy waxing!

And don’t just buy one either! There’s no telling when the next batch will come in, IF EVER!!! Don’t leave your happiness and that of a loved one to chance. Buy as many as your credit card limit will allow. Your children will thank you for it. Your neighbors will thank you for it. Your neighbor’s children will thank you for it. Heck, I’ll even thank you for it.

To order yours, just click here. Don’t forget to indicate what size and how many you’d like. Cases, that is!

And don’t forget, you can even wear one while you wash your car! I did. :>


  1. I have a bar mitzvah coming up. Do you think a “Just Ask!” shirt would be appropriate? I don’t want to make the rest of the guests feel badly or anything because they didn’t care enough to buy little Bernie the best present possible. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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