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William Hughes, John AuCoin, Lou Congelio, “Geo”, Can’t remember her name, John Person, Gus, Mistilla the Killa, Reggie Bibbs, Jekyll & Heidi, and Kraig Junck

6 thoughts on “The Gang at Steak Night at PJ’s

  1. We were wondering where yoy guys were last night, then I remember that Thursday night is usually Steak Nights at PJ’s. We were not invited. In Dallas, Cindy had the Support Group Meeting. Small group, 8 people who I never seen before, myself, Cindy and Jennifer and Collen.

  2. Hey Everyone, Just left a comment on the chat. I made it to Marchall Texas. I was si tired after that long drive. Four hours. i will try to post a few photos. check you later


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