5 thoughts on “Texas NF Pizza Party

  1. pizza party today what a blast what great poeople thanks everybody for a really great day to be with all my friends had a great time nice to meet you John i really enjoyed meeting you

  2. Enjoy meeting you as well. I will get my photos posted as soom as I can, may be middle part of the new week.

  3. It was a lot of fun although it seems that everyone stayed in their own little groups. It would have been nice for everyone to split up and do games with other people with NF, not just their own family members.

    I was especially touched by Juni who last year had no support until Reggie told him of the resources available at MD Anderson. Juni was happy to report that his life has cg=hanged dramatically since he started treatment at the cancer center. Kudos to all who have helped Juni in his challenges with NF!


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