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Tonight was the first game for the Houston Roller Derby. season.

It was a great night , and tough bouts in every match.

I have season tickets and, plan to be at every game to support all of my favorite teams as they have supported me.  All of the teams really know how to show love to there fans.  I always feel welcome at the games, and never felt more welcome anywhere else.  Don’t take my word, Just check out the photos.


It was great seeing old friends again and making new ones.

Dementia, Mistilla, Carmen Geddit and Heidi will always hold a special place in my heart!

To all of the new friends tonight, I appreciate your kind words and I hope to talk to you again.

Maybe next time, we can talk about you!

Thank you. PHOTOS HERE!

Links to Houston Roller Derby Skaters and Personalities:

Jekyll and Heidi
Carmen Geddit
Speedo Racer
Savage Rose
The Colonel
Goldie Bloxx
Star Doom
Miss Lead
Death By Chocolate
Major Mayhem
Tawdry Hepburn
Scar Wars
Brat Poison
Mary Choppins
Elle McFierce
WreckHell Welch
The Prosecutor
Ms Treatment
Beth Threat
The Bald Heretic
Claudia Van Damag
Creeping Beauty
Scarlett O’Hurtya
Rebel Ann
Ivana B. Sedated
Hot Rod Betty
Fro Rocious
Dirty Sanchez
Sinista Sister
Holla Pain Yo
Private BeenJammin
Jule B Sorry


  1. What a great night! It was so nice to see all of our great d=friends: Dementia, Jeckill & Heidi, Mistilla, Carmen Geddit, and all of the Houston Roller Derby Family! The love that you have shown Reggie and myself will never, ever be forgotten!

  2. Every Thursday night at PJ’s. Reggie will be in lA but the rest of ua will be there. Would love to have you join us as always! You were in great form last night!

  3. All the teams are great!, the Sirens took on our cause and offered friendship at the very start. Only if they knew what a pleasure being there watching them do what they enjoy doing. Roller derby. I love all of the teams that are a part of the Houston Roller Derby.

  4. Reggie called to say he just landed in Los Angeles. He is very, very excited to be there and to spread the word about neurofibromatosis. This IS a full time job to him and he is extremely passionate about it. Please wish him luck as he attempts, on your behalf, to make it easier for people with NF or any other disorder, to enjoy life fully without any stigma, stares or compromise.

  5. Just talked with Reggie. He met a young British actor this evening at Greg Gorman’s. Took a couple photos, will post when we get approval. Tomorrow, he is going to a book-signing for a book that his photo is in. Over 800 people are expected with many of them, I’m sure, of a celebrity nature.

    Reggie, our little boy has grown up.

  6. Ciao Reggie!!!
    You are a very special man and an inspiration person to know!
    A big hug
    your friend matteo da perugia (italia)

  7. Matteo,

    I’m still here in LA, sorry we are not able to meet up today, like we planed. There will be a next time I’m sure. It was really fun meeting you all. I’m happy to have a few new friends. Did you have as much fun as I did at the party last night?


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