2319566597_7713960437_o.jpgTonight was another great night at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

I started out with the live stock show and all of the other fun things. Oh, my God! Did I enjoy the FOOD. Everything was to die for. Deep fried Oreos, steak burgers, foot-long sausage sandwiches, giant cinnamon rolls with lots of icing. But don’t take my word for it, check out the photos for yourself.

Click here to see photos from today!

I went to the Rodeo to see Martina McBride. She was great and the music was terrific! She really sang her heart out. She sang all of her best songs and the crowd loved it. Of course, so did I. Martina loves Houston and she looks forward to her show here every year.

I know why she loves Houston. I feel it every time I go out. So many 2319607191_9a1724b37f_o.jpgpeople here have been so kind to me. I’m thankful to be in a great city like Houston. It made me feel so good when people I never met came up to be today and spoke kind words to me. You will see them in my photos. People like that are heroes to me!

128 thoughts on “Rodeo Night With Martina McBride

  1. You know, Lou, it just makes my heart feel great when I run into people like I did today! That last couple, that came up to us while we were eating, and all of the others were so nice to me. I know that is the way it should be, but it just does something to me. I feel like they should get a reward or something. It brings tears to my eyes, I’m so happy. I don’t know why that is.

    When I was talking to the last couple, I felt really GREAT! I see in the photos they were truly interested and wanted to listen. When the guys stopped and talked to me while I was in line getting food and you were going to get your link, that made me feel good as well. One other was passing by. He passed in front of me and said, “Excuse me, sir.” and as he passed, he touched me on the shoulder. That was not expected. I think that was letting me know that everything was ok.

    Is this dumb thinking on my part. Does it make sense to you. Can you help me express that in the blog? I want it to be a happy up-lifting blog. And to express that each time I go out it gets better and I feel better each time.

  2. At times it’s so easy for me if I express when it’s on my mind rather then wait a few days after. Lou it’s always hard for me. I know I have to do it and I always happy when I do. If I have not done the things you take me out to do note of these great things would be happing to me. Meeting so many people that I have met going to there places. It gives both sides me and the other person a chance to connect. What a great a great thing we have going here.

  3. Well Lou someone must take the photo, who do you want to use the camera? The person who wants to talk to me. I don’t think that will be such a smart idea. At least you get to see it unfold.

  4. Reggie I am glad you had a great time you have the cruel people in this world then on the other hand you have the people that really truely care and that buddy you dont find them every day

  5. good Morning Reggie and all!
    I love to hear the great comments here. So much love and so much happiness. What a way to start the day! To remember the kindness of all our brothers and sisters in the world and how much they touch our lives in ways that they aren’t really aware of! We must all remember that we are here to bring love and spred happiness thru each other. It’s so important! Hearing all these great stories made be feel really happy this morning.

    Kimoku are you from Belgium? Je mapelle Meredyth Je parl a petit pe France – But I can’t spell very well in French!

  6. realmere1. true that. My nephew taught me that. What more can I say. We just never know how we are helping some one just by being who we are. That goes for all of us. For all of you, never believe you are not helping someone. You are and just don’t know you are.

  7. Tim, don’t tell him stuff like that. His ego is big enough as it is. Right now, it’s barely tolerable. Any more and it’ll be unlivable!!!

  8. Bon Jour! Ce pa a problem etudier le France! I can speak French a medium amount. Enough to help you order food, shop and say hello! It’s not a problem. Ca ma pleasure! It’s my pleasure.
    Oh Tish! Speak French! Adams Family there if ya didn’t know.
    France is so wonderful. You will love the people, Sights and the food is incredible. I’m happy to help in anyway!

  9. I’m back. Went to visit a friend. Let me see if I can catch up. Thank you Tim. And Lou you are all the blame. You are the one who created this ego of mine you say. Meredyth I want to make sure I know how to order coffee.

  10. Ok Yellow Stucco kind of house. HMMMM Mutard or Mustard in English!
    Ordering coffee is sample! Or simple
    a kafee avec cream. or kafee cream si vous plea
    a coffee with cream or coffee cream please.

    Tres Bien!
    Any thing else? A lot of words are the same. Sandwich is just Saandweech
    that’s it!

  11. Ah ok…………
    ou (sounds like ooooo) sont (pronounced soa) les (lu) fame?

    What kind of women I don’t want to know and if it gets more specific I may have to ask what the word is. 🙂
    I supose you at least want beautiful in there right? So add
    beau fame

  12. Went to Galveston, rode my 4wheeler, some ugly fat woman came on to my husband. Thought about kicking her butt, but once again, he did not realize she was coming on so just let it go.

  13. I still had fun, I trust my husband, he did not even relize she was coming on to him, not the first time, LOL, I have not check out the photos yet but will later. Hope yall had fun.

  14. oops I just realized I said Galveston, I ment to say Huntsville, Galveston does not have a park that I know of, I guess I been saying Galveston so much, it just keeps coming out.

  15. welcome back Patricia I wish I had a 4 wheeler I used to have one but sold it and now I regret it they are a lot of fun

  16. Hi Brian,

    I don’t think I heard from you today. I thought about you yesterday, while at the rodeo. I went to look at the DODGE trucks and man do they look nice. I took a picture by one. I call it my dream truck. It’s in some of the photos I took.

  17. It’s ridiculous how mean and ugly I am. Once i had a den of Girl Scouts bake 12 dozen Thin Mints, Smores and others because they ran out of GS cookies before they got to my house. Of course, then I wrote them a bad check. Yes, I’m pure evil.

  18. No I am not loss in action, felt like I was for awhile, maybe things can get back to normal(?) we still got some things to do, like cleaning out the apartment, we took this weekend off and drove 4wheelers we needed to get away and get our mind off of things. I relize it is just going to take time. We are both back to work now.
    Where is Emily, I bet the little Morty as Lou says is keeping her busy, what did she name her baby anyway?

  19. Let’s hold our breath just a day and then we will have 78-80 for the rest of the week Reggie!
    Good news for us all. Monday’s are tuff anyway.

  20. Hey there Everybody I got my coffee pot allmost emptyed out A word of warning to the newbys of the room Lou is full of bull corn

  21. Reggie I got up at 4:40am! I had a really early appt. Boy did I need coffee. It felt like 3:30am! It hurt. I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow to a indulgent 6:30am! Oh well. I guess we’ll get used to it soon.

  22. Getting up this morning sucked big time, plus I was sore from riding my 4 wheeler, but at least my budies at work had coffee waiting for me when I got to work! It is almost 5, and I am NOT cooking tonight, don’t know what we are having, it is just me and my husband, but I am NOT cooking or doing dishes. Just 17 min. woo hoo.

  23. You want me to sue you for slander? You better watch it young man.

    I have everything written down what I have been working on today. I started out working in the back yard before the weather got bad.

  24. Why is Lou so concerned about downloading of porn?!! 😀 I think it is because it is Lou that downloads Porn!!! 😛

  25. Poor Lou! I’m going to have to protect you brother!

    Good morning crew! How is everyone today? I feel summer coming and I can’t wait until the it’s bit warmer, but not too warm. Love that little window without humidity!
    Friday my daughter turns 12.She’s getting her first cell phone which I had not given her until now. she’s going to flip out. She’s wanted one since she was 10 but I thought it was too early. I’m still not sure but what the heck.

    I’m feeling great today. I know this is going to be a great week for everyone.

    Sending love and light to you all!

  26. heee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    It make me so glad that you feel happy! We’ve got to get more of that going on! I love being part of this blog family. I feel good everytime I read all the posts. Reggie you’ve got something going on here!

    Lou hope your bladder problem rights itself soon! 🙂
    Drink Cranberry juice. Ha!

  27. My daughter bought her first first phone when she was 16, she used all her money on that thing, she loves to talk on the phone. We would let her use on of ours when she would go out so we could call or she could call us, but once she got her job, and she got her phone and she paid dearly because she could not get a contract without us singning for her, and she just had to do it on her own so she ended up getting paying out the ass with the pre payed. She should of listen to us. Oh well she is learning that Momma and Daddy know what we are talking about, it is taking her over 21 years.

  28. Thanks Patricia. I have been SO hesitant to get her one. Most of her friends have had one for two years now. It made her nuts, but you have to learn to wait for somethings right? If you get every single thing now what is there to look forward to?
    Anyway, it’s done now. I hope I made the right decision.

    Thank you for your story!

  29. I had a question. Anyone can answer this. You will bear more about my vacation as time get closer. I was wondering about a cell phone to call home. I was wondering about a go phone. I can not afford a contract. Just to call home and let mom know I’m ok. You know how you mom’s are. Doesn’t matter how old we get you still worry. I’m just going to Amsterdam Paris and London Berlin too.

  30. I dont know Reggie I think you could probably get a pre paid phone but also if you go out of town you may not always get service where your at I know when I go out of town in some spots you dont get service I think that would be the only problem you have to worry about

  31. that sounds good Reggie but remember what I said about service and since you are going to be in a different country it might be pretty expensive

  32. Enjoy your trip to Europe. I been to Amsterdam and Paris a number of times while living in Germany. Never made it to Berlin, at the time the wall as up. I tried to order French Fries in Paris, the place did not know what I was talking about. This was before MacDOnalds and other fast food chains move there.

  33. Brian I’m not sure, but I was reading and I think with some pat as you go plans have free roaming to other countries. I think after a certain time. I will have to keep checking on that.

  34. Depending on where you stay you might want to check on calling cards also, they may have some cheaper rates on them, with phones it can get expensive I know sometimes when my husband has to go out of the state it can get expensive on the different taxes, I can only imagine on different countries.

  35. I will just think about a phone thing later. I just need to read up on some on the places that I should check out. Hey Patricia where do they have the space cake? Not that I would want some. 😉

  36. I’m sure Eleanor will come chat soon as she get a chance. Lou doesn’t scare Eleanor. Just in case you missed my post on the other blog I have an appointment this evening. I will have to leave in about an hour.

  37. Sorry! Reggie and all. I’ve had many meetings but I’m back.
    Reggie I don’t know if a Go Phone will work in Europe. I am checking on something that may really help you but I’m waiting to hear some more information very soon!
    Hang in there and I will know something very soon!
    🙂 keep the faith! More coming soon.

  38. Oh Hey Lou C! I just read all the way thru your message about sharing!
    Stop reading things in the stalls of the mens room! Really how gullible can a guy be!

    You meany!

  39. Reggie tell me again where you are going in Europe? France yes? Any where else listed below?
    International Public Access Numbers – 40 Countries on 5 Continents
    Czech Republic
    El Salvador
    New Zealand
    United Kingdom
    United States

  40. Reggie just found out that Go Phones will not work in Europe.
    but don’t loose hope………..you never know what can happen. 🙂

  41. Thank you realmere1. I just got back. Been at MD Anderson this afternoon. I will go back in the morning, but I won’t be there
    all day. I have an evening app that is why I was late getting home. When I took the MRI I told the radiologist I was going to take a nap and to keep the noise down so I can get some ZZZZZZ. They thought that was funny. Oh the places in mind are Amsterdam Paris London and Berlin. I will have a better idea in the next few days.

  42. Reggie I sent you the same email again and I still have not gotten a reply but I know your busy I know how Dr’s go believe me I have had my share

  43. Hey you guys I got the part for me computer. Let me answer a few emails and I will be on the blog until later this evening.

    Don’t worry Brian I’m going to email you shortly

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