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26 thoughts on “Reggie’s 45th birthday.

  1. look kiddo, you better tell me where and when you want this cake. i could bring it up to the office one day next week.

  2. I know where you live Reggie.
    ok, not really. but i know other things and I will start posting them in two hours so the WHOLE WORLD can know your secrets.
    Secret #1 -Reggie is black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. O…M…G… Reggie! You’re a negroid?! Well I’m afraid our friendship just can’t go on. I won’t stand for this kind of dishonesty! Had you been up front with it in the beginning things might have turned out different. Good day!

  4. NOTE: Both Lou and Reggie have been kicked off the blog until further notice.

    that is the only possible reason they are not responding.

    #3. Reggie is a vegetarian. (aka pansy!)

  5. Lou, i have not invited you back onto the blog.
    #4 Reggie was once the president of the New Kids on the Block fan club. (and to my knowledge he has not yet given up his position)
    and yes, he is a pansy.

  6. Galveston was a blast. Thanks for asking.
    #5. Reggie prefers to be called Regina, but only when he is wearing his purple dress and high heals.

  7. I am on a boycott against high heels and his tall (I’m assuming over 5’6) self is going around wearing heels?! Reggie Bibbs you are on my hit list! Right next to Wendy Williams!


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