We have just ordered a new batch of “JUST ASK!” t-shirts! They will be shipped next week and will be available for immediate sale.

The new shirts are 100% cotton, Hanes Beefy Ts, available in 3x,2x, XL, L, M & S. Mustard yellow with distressed dark blue lettering.

$15 All proceeds benefit the Just Ask! Foundation.

To order, click here!

6 thoughts on “New Just Ask! T-shirt Design – Final!!!

  1. Glad you decided to keep the logo on the back. Looks great. When I get to a regular computer (not my blackberry) I need to order one.

  2. We just ordered a bunch of them, should have them in a wekk. I really like this design and colors. The shirt will be a mustard yellow with dark blue distressed lettering so the shirt will look vintage although being brand new.

  3. Hi Bart, Good to see you here again. I saw Dr. Slopis the other day. Things are good. I may have some luck and come back sooner. I have an MRI in December. I will try to stop by and see you.
    Glad you like the new shirts,. I’m just getting to your comment. A lot going on here. All GREAT things of course. I will have the new shirts Wednesday. I will be in Manhattan Beach California and Hollywood CA. Leaving on Nov 13 to 17th. Yea I know someone has got to do it.


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