oreos.jpegWell, I said I would post how the fired oreo’s. It was my first time to fry oreo cookies. It taste like chicken. <g>

I was surprised. It didn’t look very pretty, but is sure did taste good. It was like fresh baked cookies out of the oven. If you like sweets as much as I do, you will enjoy fired oreo. I used the double stuff. A plate of the oreos mile and the remote control, then you go your self a content dude. Now that you know how I feel about it. Let me hear from you. I wonder how a deep fried sneakers bar would taste ?


  1. Do girlscouts sell these?lol
    I’ve already put away atleast 5 boxes since they started selling them. I think they drug those things to make you crave them. I have dreams of girlscout cookies at night. I hope they have support groups for people like me. It’s hard to say no to those girls when I go to the grocery store. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, oreos……Yum!

  2. Maybe its a hidden message in the word Oreo cookies. Like enjoy enjoy enjoy. So I do. fired, out of the pacage, or what ever. Maybe diped in choclate cake batter and then fry them. YUM YUM! Good for the tum tum. My name is Reggie and I love Oreo cookies.


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