27 thoughts on “They call me “Four-Eyes!”

  1. Dear Reggie
    Wonderful, these eyeglasses fit you very well! If you wear a sunglasses people will beleive you’re an artist. Anyhow for all your friends, you are our star.
    Now let us be serious! How do you feel with it? I hope your rigt eye sees better! Kind regards Francis

  2. Hi wee lou! We have someone from France and someone from Scotland on the same blog. That’s pretty cool. How are you doing wee lou? The weather here has been beautiful although today is a little overcast. My company moved into a new space over the weekend. I will post photos once we’re settled. It’s a smaller space but very cool. Wish you could come see it sometime.

  3. How is the weather in Houston? Cold, little wet turning to freezing glaze on the roads. Say in the morning to be in the mid 20s, then to warn up to mid 40s in the afternoon. Typical Texas winter cold for a day or two, then warm up, back to cold again, then nearly summer, then back to cold. Hope it is warmer in Houston area.

  4. Cool front coming through now, 6pm. A/C one minute, heat the next.
    Wee lou, how are you? Really wish we could have come to Edinburgh as planned, but complications came up.
    Is there an NF organization in Scotland?
    Take care!!!!!!!

  5. Heck with this cold weather, I am tired of it. What am I going to do ? Tuesday – I will go to Hawaii…but I hear it is cold there to, for Hawaii thats below 65.


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