Most of you may have heard me speak of my older brother Ronald. We call him Ronnie. Ronnie is the third son of mom and dad. I have other sisters and brothers, you will hear about them at some point. I want to tell you a little about Ronnie. Ronnie is another reason I started this site. My brother and I are the only males in the family with nf. Well its only one male now. My brother Ronnie went home to be with the Lord in September of last year. We miss him so very much. I have three brothers that do not have nf. Two sisters that have nf.

Ronnie is one other reason I wanted this site to happen. I want to creat awearness of the type of cancer that took my brother’s life. We know it was nf releated. My post today is to ask you to keep watching for my tribute to my brother RONALD BIBBS. You will see for yourself what a kind man he was. I’ am happy to call him my brother. I take joy in that. Let me know you thoughts, and what you would like to see. Ronnie’s tribute comming soon.

6 thoughts on “MY BROTHER RONNIE

  1. Hey Reggie,
    I lost my brother 13 years ago and I have never gotten over it. He was a great friend to me.

    Hearing what made Ronnie so special will be great. I will keep reading for updates.

  2. I had the pleasure of working with Ronald for some time. There are many good things that could be said about him, but I’ll keep this short, He was a true man of Honor and Integrity. When he said he would take care of something, you could count on it. That is not a common trait in most people nowadays. He is missed over here at his former place of employment very much.

  3. Thank you Jerry for your kind comment. Thank you for your support when we needed it most. I miss Ronnie, and it hurt me when I have to go to MD ANDERSON with out him. When I see certian things I think about himm. My brother Byron and I think about all the fun time we had, and that it what keep us going. stay in contact. Your friend



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