Meet Reggie Bibbs & neurofibromatosisReggie Bibbs discusses his life growing up with neurofibromatosis and how people react differently to him since launching his “Just Ask” campaign.


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  1. Hi reggie, I had come across your video. I am sorry that you had such a difficult time. My son is 6 years old and he also has neurofibromatosis. I was surprised never mind knowing what it was when I saw his cafe au latte spots when he turned 1 years old. I thought that I had done something wrong during my pregnancy at first also. With therapy I am learning to cope with my son’s NF. I don’t how severe his illness is because he is still young. I am noticing now that he is in first grade that he may have a learning disability associated with it. I quit my dreams aside of becoming physical therapist and decided to go for a teaching carreer to help my son in school. I totur him for hours and reteach what the teacher was teaching in class. I feel very disappointed at times due to feeling helpless. But again I do my very best in coping. I can’t discuss my problems to my parents because they are asian and they are most likely to critize me for marrying someone out of my culture. I feel alone and don’t have any emotional support from my family. In a way I know what you may had to go through in your life. I am hoping that it wont be as difficult for my son. Thanks for this video.


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