Voting for next year’s SXSW is going on now. If I get enough votes we I will have a chance to speak to a group about neurofibromatosis and the challenges. This is a great opportunity to explain to the group how I am using the internet to make people aware of Neurofibromatosis through my website. With my Blog, Flickre, Myspace, Youtube and Email. This is a group that can really help me make an even greater impact in the lives of people with NF. If you vote you will be a part in making a difference. Thank you.

Voting ends August 29 2008. Let me know if you have any questions
To vote for the panel you can go here (need to create a login)

20 thoughts on “Just Ask! to Speak at SXSW in Austin…with your help!!!

  1. Just voted for ya buddy! I hope you get to speak! How have you been? Bored I guess with no roller derby to look forward to? 🙂 I will send the link to my family so they can vote also!

  2. Hi Shana,

    Good to see you here again. You right I’m board. Roller Derby only time this month.:( Oh well maybe next month. Thank you for voting.Do me a favor please? Can you give Lou a hard time like the rest of us give him. That way he will feel loved 😉


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