Just Ask! Foundation Hat
Just Ask! Foundation Hat

Get your very own Just Ask! hat!

Who doesn’t love hats? Especially when they’re for a good cause. Reggie loves hats. Case in point:

Reggie and his mack-daddy hat

So Reggie decided that we should give everyone the opportunity to help spread the word about neurofibromatosis with a groovy lid that is also functional! How, you may ask? Well, let us count the ways:

    1. Do you wear glasses and never have sunglasses when you need them? The Just Ask! hat comes with a high tech brim that extends from your head forward, thereby sheltering your precious eyes from the sun’s burning rays. Better than blu-blockers!!
    2. Those of us who are bald with perfect heads are sometimes in need of protection from the elements. Head, meet hat!!
    3. Trying to take a nap, but can’t owing to all the distractions of everyone else in your office trying to get work done? Thanks to it’s space-age design, the Just Ask! hat will pivot downwards to cover your face with it’s multi-purpose Swiss-designed space brim, thereby allowing you to catch those precious zzzzs!!!
    4. All the cool kids are doing it!!!
Reggie in his Just Ask! ball cap
Now that’s one cool kid!!

So quick!!! Get yours today, while supplies last

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