3770322779_4319f83ec5_b Lou’s vacation photos from Houston to New Orleans to Memphis TN to Nashville TN to Cincinatti OH to Youngstown OH to Franklin PA to Cleveland OH to Knoxville TB to Tuscaloosa Alabama to New Orleans to Houston

39 thoughts on “Just Ask! Darn it!

  1. Thanks, Shelley. I was planning on taking a photo of me wearing the Just Ask shirt at every city I visited but I spilled something on it and couldn’t wash it until I got to my final destination. I sincerely recommend taking a road trip with family. Elena and I shared some incredible moments that will last a lifetime.

  2. Lou,

    That’s cool you had a JUST ASK shirt with your road trip. I wish I would have thought about giving you a few to take with you. To wear and just in case someone wanted to buy one.

  3. Had lot’s of fun! By the way, a bunch of us want to come up for Camp For All this year for the entire weekend. These would be the same people who came up last year for one day. First, do you have to have NF to attend? If not, how much does it cost? And third, can we be next to your cabin?

  4. Great idea, Shelley! In fact, I think every one should buy 15 to 20 shirts and give them out as presents, rewards or punishments. They make dandy stocking stuffers or if you have a hole in your roof, you can plug it up in a jiffy with one of these babies!!!

  5. $225 to $300…thats all I’m saying. For $300 I can own an ambassador! I don’t want no stinkin shirts, I want my ambassador!

    …Reggie never said that the term “own” was incorrect in reference to the ambassador program so I shall continue to say it…And if I’m paying for all their supplies, I own them…

  6. i would just like to welcome myself back to the blog.

    jerry, the computer stealer we all know and love and blame everything on is gone. i may once again sit at my desk and ignore my children.

  7. Dear American Friends
    The French NF Magazine published a little article about Reggie and his site. I hope that lot of tee- shirts will be sold in France and the blog will read very much. Don’t worry Reggie you’ll receive very soon an article! Kind regards Francis and my NF sweetheart Lucy

  8. Francis, that is outstanding about the magazine article about Reggie’s site. Any chance you could scan the article and email to Reggie? Also, FRANCIS HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!! FRANCIS HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!! FRANCIS HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!! FRANCIS HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!

  9. Yeah, now all I need is a free trip to France and all the spending power that it would take to buy everything I need and want. I really don’t think that is too much to ask for.

  10. #14- I do believe pole dancing should be involved. Maybe a little stripping? I can work with partial nudity…as long as the pants come off. Boxers too. But he can certainly leave his shirt, wouldn’t want him feeling like a man hoe or anything. I respect modesty.

  11. I know either Shana or Lou got one. They seem like some genuine freaks. Don’t know if they’d want it back afterwards though…

  12. a. Lei, you just let out a little black. “I know either Shana or Lou GOT one”.
    b. i have no b. i just wanted to keep typing and nothing clever is coming to mind.
    c. Lou does have a pole, but you would have to first remove it from his *ss.

    (Sorry lou, please forgive me.)

  13. Shana, I’m telling you, we were meant for each other.

    And Lei, sorry but if you don’t live on the edge, you’re stuck in the middle with everybody else.

  14. you did not get my joke. lame. you, not my joke.
    if you even get this, seeing as how this blog has been killed by the lady with the watermelon.

  15. On Sep 4, 2009, at 6:16 PM

    The next time that Lou comes to Louisiana you two if not the others need to come to Lafayette
    so I can see you and meet him if not all of the others that I have heard so much about already.
    And the idea about sending your shirts out for Christmas is a great idea i’d love another one
    but be able to choose the color and size as mine is two sizes to large.

    Love ya,
    Angel Shelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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