3361123412_24ce8f8943_oI hate it, just because I’m good-looking and have the body of a Greek God, women feel like they can just come up to me and ask for a photo!

Luckily for them, I had a few minutes to spare and tried to make their day.

I was at a Houston Dynamo Kick-Off Luncheon yesterday where the players were introduced and the cheerleaders kind of hung out.

In any event, it  was fun but next time I’m going incognito.

34 thoughts on “Houston Dynamo Cheerleaders Pay Homage to their Leader!

  1. Would I be defined as a hater if I was to say, Lou has excessive pride in one’s appearance or achievements, because is with the most nice looking ladies I have seen in a long time. You are lucky I wasn’t there. Enjoy the spot light for now Mr. Lou!

  2. I made sure you weren’t invited so you wouldn’t hog all the women! Next time, be nice to me and maybe I’ll let you walks two steps behind.

  3. If you can make it to roller derby sometime we can have our photo taken and post a blog. What do you think about that idea Shelley? I know Lou would be happy to meet you in person.

  4. Dear Lou
    You have a great sucsess with the girls! What is your secret?
    Dear Reggie
    Don’t wory, girls love you! Sooner or later you’ll have cheerleards with you. Don’t forget to see my last text in my blog and please write some thing thank you very much

  5. Francis I saw your blog on me and Loved it. I read it yesterday and hope you would add the link to it. I see Lou have it here now. It is great that you are helping with awareness on NF in France. You are making me well known in France. Thank you. I look forward to the day I visit France. You will be the first person I want to meet. I did understand what you wrote. Someone help me with the understanding. Great text. I enjoy seeing you visit my blog. I it be great if you could post my blogs on your site in French. That way we can reach more people in other countries. What do you think about that?

  6. on 17 Mr Lou to let you know I never had typing lessons I learn how to typing after I got my computer that was 11 years ago

  7. Cher Lou
    Félicitation pour ton français. Nous sommes amis et si tu le veux bien, nous pouvons nous tutoyer. Ne sois pas fâché par les propos de Lucy.(Une fidèle et gentille lectrice de mon blog). Elle ne sait pas que tu es un grand ami de Reggie.
    Va lire à nouveau mon blog, j’ai répondu à son message. Tu peux faire si tu le désires en anglais. Elle métrise très bien cette langue.
    Pour le moment je parle un anglais international (mélange d’anglais, australien, américain) Bientôt, je vais parler avec l’accent de Reggie!
    A propos du béret de Reggie, cela m’amuse beaucoup de voir qu’il le porte comme le font les militaires. Le français moyen le porte comme une casquette!
    De toute façon cela n’a pas d’importance ce couvre-chef se porte comme on le désire.
    J’ai fait un lien entre mon blog et celui de Reggie. Je fais de la publicité du site de notre ami. J’espère que notre ami va beaucoup vendre de tee-shirts en Francis
    Amicalement Francis

  8. Hi Francis,

    Thank you for your post. I also left you a message on your blog. I had help with a translate website and was able to write you and to read your post. Your post in French is great to see here. You are welcome to post how ever you want. I enjoy your visits here. I’m wearing my beret when I go to California next week. I hope to get some good photos.

  9. I was 8 years old, the very first day I was in Paris, France after arrving (dad being transfer to a USAF base in France), what did I know, people here talk funny and many of the building older than United States of America, and could not order a hot dog in a resturant and the closest thing to it was snails or frog legs. After a period of time, got adjusted living in a new country, only learn enough French to get by, then dad was transfer to Germany.

  10. Bart,

    What will I do in California? I was invited to attend a booking opening for a photographer in California, who happens to be a friend of the famous Greg Gorman, which we all know is a great friend of mine. Not to forget I will meet with my entourage. I leave Tuesday.


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