Reggie, Kory and I had a great day at the Annual Art Car Breakfast celebrating World Art Car Day! We all met at the Dot Diner on I-45 by the South Loop and had a great breakfast and a great time! Kudos to Joanie King for putting the whole darn thing together!!! Joanie is a one-person organizational chart! Great job, Joanie! And we had a great turnout!

2015-11-14 10.00.01
2015-11-14 10.02.512015-11-14 10.12.482015-11-14 10.12.582015-11-14 09.10.432015-11-14 10.13.162015-11-14 10.13.582015-11-14 10.14.372015-11-14 10.17.072015-11-14 10.22.28

2015-11-14 10.22.592015-11-14 10.22.472015-11-14 10.23.052015-11-14 10.23.122015-11-14 10.23.192015-11-14 10.23.252015-11-14 10.23.432015-11-14 10.24.08 HDR2015-11-14 10.24.142015-11-14 10.24.23 HDR2015-11-14 16.34.31

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