I went to OfficeMax for office supplies today.  As Lou and I shopped, Deborah asked if we needed help with anything. She helped with finding the ink for my printer.

When it was time to check out, Deborah, was there again with a big smile. I had a chance to mention Just Ask, but didn’t have any cards with me.  Deborah, was nice enough to allow us to take a photo of her.

Thank you Deborah, for your help, and for being so kind! Office Max should be very proud of you!

6 thoughts on “Gotta Love Deborah and OfficeMax

  1. God job Deborah!!.
    Heeyy Reggie!! im from Honduras, I have 18 years old, I see you today in Discovery Channel, I’m very proud of you, you’re an example for everybody, Reggie you ROCK!!
    GOD bless every day of your life. I admire you 😉


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