Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.45.11 PMCheck out our video from INSIDE the Just Ask Bus! Lot’s of fun!

2015 Houston Art Car Parade Video

We decided to simplify the graphics on the back of the bus to make it easier for fellow road hogs to connect with us on the road, particularly our Twitter brethren. I like it a lot. Much cleaner and easier to read. We also added a photo and quote from Reggie and hashtags for our social media geeks.








Reggie Bibbs of the Just Ask Foundation
Reggie Bibbs playing innocent like he wasn’t responsible for eating all those chili samples in front of him. You could have saved some for the rest of us!

The Just Ask Tour rolled into the Cottonwood Restaurant in Houston, TX today to help support one of our biggest supporters, the Pysch Ward Sirens and the Houston Roller Derby!

Today, Reggie and I sampled some of the best chili in the history of Psych Ward Sirens Annual Chili Cook-Off!

It was so great seeing our old friends and meeting new ones! One of the great things about driving around the country promoting awareness of neurofibromatosis is meeting all of the wonderful, compassionate people who come up to just ask us about NF.

Reggie Bibbs and the Just Ask Foundation
It was so nice to see former skater and new mom, Laurentina Marquardt at the cook-off with her two-month old baby! Congratulations!!!


Reggie Bibbs and the Just Ask Foundation
Had a lot of fun with the guys at the Derby Brothers Booth! We didn’t stay till the end but it would be my guess that these guys won again, for like the sixth straight year!


Reggie Bibbs and the Just Ask Foundation
Our best buddy, Misty “Mistilla the Killa” Moody was there to greet us and talk for a bit! Mistilla is one of the original founding members of the Houston Roller Derby.
Houston Roller Derby and the Just Ask Foundation
Goldiblox and Sick Nick!







imageToday, Reggie and I went to Saltgrass Steak House, in Meyerland Center, and were treated like visiting Royalty! There were at least 20 people waiting but they seated us immediately!

The Meyerland Saltgrass has always been one of our favorite restaurants in Houston because they are just great…fun, caring people who are super attentive and go above and beyond in making you feel at home!

Our waitress today was Caitlyn who was just terrific! Thank you, everyone! And the food was outstanding, too!

The guys came over to welcome Reggie back to town after hangin’ with his NF brethren in San Diego and Los Angeles.

It’s always great to see old friends like Mark Sansouci, William Hughes, John Person, Hayden West, Laura Wood, Mina Hughes and Matt Jones.

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Music Night and all agreed, it was long overdue! The boys and Laura were in fine form tonight.



Welcome to! Well, you got to hand it to Reggie, he knows where all the great parties are with the best food and drink and the best people! He couldn’t have done any better than Sunday Night when he ventured over to his friend’s house, world renowned photographer Greg Gorman’s Hollywood digs! I hope they mentioned neurofibromatosis in between all this other stuff! And Rick Moors from The Bonedaddys showed up which is always a fun thing!

Greg Gorman and Reggie Bibbs toasting the Just Ask World Tour atop Greg's Killer Terrace Patio.
Greg Gorman and Reggie Bibbs toasting the Just Ask World Tour atop Greg’s Killer Terrace Patio.
Greg Gorman cooking up something in his fabulous kitchen that Reggie would steal in a minute if he could!
Rick Moors of The Bonedaddys, Greg Gorman, Just Ask Founder Reggie Bibbs, and a dog.
The dog is looking for his 15 minutes apparently. Either that or Reggie stole his chew toy, again.
Another shot of Greg and Reggie discussing the issues of the day on Greg’s patio! What a view!
Lisa Lazarro Dickson, Rick Moors and Reggie Bibbs planning something sinister in Greg’s dining room.


Ronald, the "Hoster", Janecia Jefferson, our beautiful wait person and the Girls of Hooter's!
Ronald, the “Hoster”, Janecia Jefferson, our beautiful wait person and the Girls of Hooter’s!

As a belated Christmas present, I surprised Reggie W. Bibbs tonite and took him to Hooter’s on the advice of Richard B. Slayton who, apparently, goes there every nite!!!

But I digress.

Reggie and I went to the Hooters Kirby at Kirby and the Southwest Freeway in Houston. The moment we walked through the doors, we were treated like Kings, especially Reggie.

Without going through a lot of detail and mushy stuff, let it be sufficient to say that I have not received that level of service and honest compassion in a very long while. Ronald, the “Hoster”, Janecia, our beautiful wait person and Sean, the manager, made us feel like the most important people in the restaurant!

And it was a very nice feeling!

Reggie was totally blown away by everything. Ronald came up shortly after we were seated and very gently asked if it was ok to ask what had happened to Reggie. That’s all Reggie need to tell Ronald everything there is to know about neurofibromatosis in about two minutes.

Then Sean, the manager, came up and talked with us to make sure everything was good and he told us that he had two cousins named Reggie so I guess Reggie is “family!” And that’s what it felt like, family.

Sean Berry, the manager, and a very pretty dark haired girl!  Oh, and Reggie.
Sean Berry, the manager, and a very pretty dark haired girl! Oh, and Reggie.
The very beautiful Janecia Jefferson!
The very beautiful Janecia Jefferson!

Janecia was very kind when we asked if we could take her photo with Reggie and as you can see, very beautiful as well!

Then, as we were leaving, Ronald and Janecia called all the other wait staff and Sean over for a group photo!

Thank you everyone at Hooter’s on Kirby! You guys rocked the place tonight!


Lou Congelio and Reggie Bibbs

PS – I am going to post this then try to see if I can tag these wonderful people who deserve to be recognized. However, if you know them, please tag away! Thanks!

Lou at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Just Ask Executive Director, Lou Congelio, visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame today in Cleveland, Ohio, and was given a personal tour of the facility courtesy off former Senior Director of Programming for the Rock Hall, David Spero.

While I wasn’t able to drive the Just Ask World Tour Mobile from Houston  to Cleveland, i was able to talk with a few people about neurofibromatosis and pass out a few cards. I believe rock and rollers are some of the world’s most passionate and compassionate people after i explained what neurofibromatosis is and what the Just Ask Foundation is trying to do.

Today,  I was creamed by 
Reggie W. Bibbs after Courtney Willoughby nominated me for cremation. And to think I actually liked Courtney during one, very narrow window of time when i was obviously incapacitated with love by the beauty and charm of her mother, Tracey Willoughby.

But, being that as it may, i went through with the unspeakable miasma of horror only cheap Foodarama whipped cream could provide and did my duty!

However, what wasn’t in the plan was to be dumped on by freezing, ice cold water after the creaming of the face by my former friend, Reggie Bibbs.

Needless to say, somebody is going to die tomorrow and three guesses who it will be!!!

In any event, being the good father that I am, I nominate my daughterElena Congelio to join the fun that is NF Awareness.

Also, for those who would prefer to forego this unique, mind-numbing experience, you can just make a little donation to the Just Ask World Tour Fund and nobody needs to get hurt! Just sayin…

It’s back!

Hot, sweaty roller derby action is back at Kicks and Lou and I are going this Saturday! Sure will miss some of the skaters that retired last year but look forward to meeting the new skaters who are taking their place.

I love Houston Roller Derby! The women who skate are tough on the outside but are the sweetest, most wonderful people on the inside. Every time I go, they make me feel like I’m the most important person in the world!