It’s back!

Hot, sweaty roller derby action is back in Houston and Lou and I will be there every match this season! Season starts Saturday, March 19th, at their new venue at Houston Indoor Sports on I-45. Sure will miss some of the skaters that retired last year but look forward to meeting the new skaters who are taking their place.

If you have never experience Houston Roller Derby, you must come out on March 19th! Forget everything you think about roller derby! This is the real deal! Forget the fake stuff you’ve seen on TV and the movies, these are real live women who live in Houston and who have regular jobs during the week, just like you and me, who love to skate and bang heads!

During the week, these girls are account executives, IT security analysts, lawyers, med school students, teachers, and massage therapists but on weekends, they are Hell on Wheels!!!

This season, the Just Ask! Foundation is once again humbled and touched to be honored by the Houston Roller Derby as their Charity for March 2011! This is a very prestigious honor and we have been extremely fortunate to have received this honor from HRD for the past four years!!!!

I love Houston Roller Derby! The women who skate are tough on the outside but are the sweetest, most wonderful people on the inside. Every time I go, they make me feel like I’m the most important person in the world!

Please come out and join Lou and I as we support the only professional sports team in Houston that you can buy a drink for afterward!!!

– Reggie Bibbs and Lou Congelio


Houston Roller Derby will now be
bouting at Houston Indoor Sports.

New location:HISMap2.gif Continue reading

I went to OfficeMax for office supplies today.  As Lou and I shopped, Deborah asked if we needed help with anything. She helped with finding the ink for my printer.

When it was time to check out, Deborah, was there again with a big smile. I had a chance to mention Just Ask, but didn’t have any cards with me.  Deborah, was nice enough to allow us to take a photo of her.

Thank you Deborah, for your help, and for being so kind! Office Max should be very proud of you!

3645979408_c27f7671a4_b3539584406_acd06ffe80_bCHAMPIONSHIP TITLE BOUT: AUGUST 15, 2009 – Psych Ward Sirens vs. Bayou City Bosse$

This Saturday, August 15th, The Houston Roller Derby will have the battle of the champions. Psych Ward Sirens vs Bayou City Bosses. Both are super great teams. Its going to be a great bout. Can’t wait. Also I looking forward to seeing the Burlesque Brawlers. I’m a fan of them all. Hope everyone can come out!

This is Lou talking: This may be your last chance to see incredible roller derby action in Houston this year! And this Saturday, is going to be a match for the ages as Mistilla the Killa, jammer for the Psych Ward Sirens takes on Death by Chocolate, of  the Bayou City Bosses!!!!

August 15th at KICKS Indoor!
Bout 1: Burlesque Brawlers host the Spindletop Roller Girls
Bout 2: Psych Ward Sirens vs Bayou City Bosse$

Doors Open at 6PM; Whistle Blows at 7PM
Get there early to get a good seat!

Charity: Hope Stone, Inc
Halftime: Stamen
After Party: 6th Street Sports Bar and Grill
2701 White Oak, Houston, Texas 77007


Texas has been lobbying since 1997 to ensure that NF research continues to make progress. Since that time, over 200 million has been contributed to NF research programs. Within the last few years, research funds have steadily been decreasing. However, today I am proud to announce that they are “back up!” The House Appropriations Committee just ruled that another 25 million will go towards the 2010 Department of Defense NF Research program. This is a tremendous victory since last years projects only collected 10 million. That’s a 250% increase!
Thanks to all of you for writing your Representatives, It worked! And thanks to Reggie Bibbs, Sandra and Emily Parker, Dr. Slopis and Dr. Moore for taking the time to personally visit Representative Sheila Jackson Lee.
HOWEVER – The 25 MILLION IS NOT SECURED – YET. We still need YOUR HELP to SECURE THESE FUNDS! Please email, or better yet, hand write and fax a personal letter asking that our Senate approve the House Appropriations proposal of 25 million towards NF research. Thanks again, together we are making a difference!

Senator John Cornyn FAX: (202) 228 – 2856
Compose an online letter to Sen. Cornyn
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison FAX: (202) 224-0776
Compose an online letter to Sen. Hutchison

picture-1Another nite at Lou’s.  Last night steak nite,  became Music and Pizza nite.  It was quite different from our regular Thursday nite.  All of the guy’s though it would be a good idea to work on our  music and eat pizza.  Mark Sansoucy new to the Reggie Bibbs Orchestra, alone with the regulars 2William Hughes,Matt Jones, and Supporters Geo Austin  and Lou Congelio.  Our friend  wrote a song that  we loved. Mark was  inspired by JUST ASK, to write a song. The name of the song?   JUST ASK. You will enjoy it as much as I do, I’m sure of that. We hope to have the photos and videos  on the blog soon.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the idea. And I know I can look forward to terrific comments of the music.

Download Lyrics to “Just Ask!”

Watch the video.

Just Ask (A Song for Reggie Bibbs)
Music and Lyrics by Mark Sansoucy

Just ask
Just ask
And I’ll tell you all you want to know
Just ask
Just ask
All you have to do is say Hello

I see people staring at me in restaurants
When I’m hanging out with my good friends
Yes, they see the way I look
And they get a little spooked
But that’s because they don’t know what I have

So, just ask
Just ask
And I’ll tell you all you want to know
Just ask
Just ask
All you have to do is say Hello

Pull your chair on up and come on over
I don’t bite, but sometimes my friends do.
Yes, we like to clown around
When we hit the town
But just like you they stepped on up and asked

So, just ask
Just ask
And I’ll tell you all you want to know
Just ask
Just ask
All you have to do is say Hello

Living a life like mine it isn’t easy
Sometimes I don’t want to leave my house
But I can’t live in fear
For those who hold me dear
Cause they know it’s what’s inside that really counts

So, just ask
Just ask
And I’ll tell you all you want to know
Just ask
Just ask
All you have to do is say Hello
All you have to do is say Hello


OMG That was a blast last night. I Love CLEAR CHANNEL. The Best Team, and treated me very well. Thank you Rusty and the rest if you. I will never forget you. Cool seeing you There Dr. Marshall It’s too late to write a post but you can check out the photos from today at Flickr!

picture-1.pngTo All:

I have created a group on Facebook called “Friends of Neurofibromatosis.”

To those of you unfamiliar with Facebook, it is a FREE website that allows you to do a lot of things like post photos, videos, and friend links, much like MySpace, but with one very important difference. It allows members to form groups of like-minded people who share special interests and allow them to easily interact with each other.

I can’t think of a more perfect tool to use in building a community of people who are challenged by neurofibromatosis in one way or another than this. Whether you have NF, have a friend or family member with NF, or are just interested in helping people with NF, this is the website for you.

By becoming a member of this group, you will be able to connect with other people who share the same frustrations, burdens and pain of NF. You can pass along information that you think might be helpful to others. We can send time-sensitive newsletters to ALL group members with a click of a button when an important event or news item occurs.

Facebook will never replace this blog but it will provide us the means to meet new people, build awareness, share information, and, most importantly, help us build a community that helps provide comfort, education, distractions and support to all affected by NF.

Please check out the group at this link and if you can see the endless possibilities that this site provides, please join!

I thank you! —Lou