greg.jpgYesterday I received a call from my friend Greg Gorman, the world-famous photographer from Los Angeles.Wow!

Greg asked if we could meet for breakfast this morning. I can’t believe someone as famous as Greg Gorman would take time from traveling to have breakfast with me.regchar.jpg

It’s been 10 years at least since we’ve had a chance to visit in person.

Greg, Carl and I had a terrific visit as well as the most important meal of the day. Breakfast. Thank you Greg and Carl for your time today

15 thoughts on “Breakfast with Greg Gorman

  1. Why wouldnt someone famous want to hang out with you? Heck, I bet any big star would love to spend a day with you.. hmm.. Angelina Jolie perhaps? But if that day comes you better invite me too, she’s my favorite! lol

  2. You are so kind. I agree with you, Now that I think about it. You are welcome to join us when Angelina Jolie begs me to have lunch with, you know it won’t take much begging at all.

  3. I really enjoyed talking with you today. Isn’t it nice when old friends just contact you. Watch out Lou, I’m back!!!!

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