3192833598_19995c7c5f_bThursday was another great Steak Night at PJ’S Sports Bar followed by a JAM session at Lou’s place.  First, after a long absence from PJ’s, we made our first visit of the year. It was great seeing John, Matt, Geo, Everett, William, PJ and a new friend,  Brieton.

After enjoying our great steaks, we went to Lou’s studio…I mean house, where we played our favorite songs, Ball and Chain, Do Lord, and I’m On Fire. We  may have the video up loaded soon. Also we have pictures of us playing. View the photos and watch for the video. Thank you Everett for some of the photos you took for us. MORE PHOTOS HERE


  1. That was a lot of fun. I think the last time we did Steak Night and the jam was a couple of days before Hurricane Ike. Sept 25, 2008 to be exact, more or less…per se.

  2. Dear Reggie
    These musicians look nice. Is it possible to see them thanks to youtube? I would be very glad to know more about them! Kind regards Francis

  3. Hi Francis,

    Yes they are really nice guys. They have been playing together for a long time. They are teaching me how to play the Lap harp. We have two videos on youtube. If you go to my videos you should be able to find the two we have, I am hoping to get the video from last Thursday added.


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