school-outThis is a blog that all School Students will want to comment on, as well as parents. It is that lovely time of year again. YES! School is out for the summer. woo hoo.  Lets talk about some of the fun things we can suggest for those who don’t have a clue of what to do for the little ones who have all this time to spend at home. And for those of us who have nieces and nephews that want something fun to do, post it here.  Something that will keep them busy and the uncle happy because they are happy having so much fun.  See then everyone is happy all summer long.

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the-computer-demands-a-blogSorry for the inconvenience but the blog wasn’t allowing any new comments on posts 14 days old or older. That is fixed and now anyone can comment on any post at any time. Don’t you just love technology.

donate_onlineThank you for your interest in helping raise awareness for NF. With your help, I hope to spread the word about neurofibromatosis through web, viral, web-related resources, and personal appearances at events throughout the country

Unfortunately due to my not being rich, i.e. poor, I don’t have the financial resources to underwrite all the funding we need to meet my objectives. Thanks to Lou, I have been able to attend all of the functions you see in these photos courtesy of Lou.

I want to raise awareness of neurofibromatosis so that people affected as severely as myself can be accepted into society and lead a “normal” life. That’s why Lou and I and Matt and Geo and William and Shana go out together. When people see other people acting normal around something they don’t understand, they feel ok about it and figure there’s nothing wierd happening and they’re fine. Continue reading


12:16am (CST) 5/8/09 Late tired and going to bed. Tomorrow Matt and I will hit the radio waves.
Matt owns a few radio stations and he wants me to go on the radio with him.  I also will be meeting with Gillian Andersons mom tomorrow. She Told Debbi she wanted to take me to lunch. Debbi said everyone wants to meet
you. We are making a difference. I will check back if you write me back. I have a computer in the room. This is me most awesome home I have seen. I will have photos so don’t worry.

9am (CST) 5/8/09  – Reggie just called in and he’s having a great time in Grand Rapids, Michigan. So far this morning, he has been interviewed on four radio stations in the

10:39 am (CST) 5/10/09 – Lunch with Rosemary Anderson. In the photo of Rosemary and me, you will see Grace, Debbie and Matt’s daughter. Rosemary said it was ok to post our picture. She is a wonderful lady.

Citadel Broadcasting network:

WKLQ-FM (Grey & Kluck Show)
WLAV-FM (Kevin Matthews Show)
WTNR-FM (Scrubs in the Morning)
WHTS-FM (The Todd Chance Show)

Reggie’s Interview on WLAV-FM

Reggie’s Video Presentation to Group

Neurofibromatosis Support Group of West Michigan

Gillian Anderson Website



3114015938_eb338a8d23_oReggie’s “Just Ask!” ads won three silvers at the District ADDY Awards! Onward to Nationals!

The World’s Largest Advertising Competition

With over 60,000 entries annually, the ADDY® Awards are the world’s largest and arguably toughest advertising competition. The ADDY® Awards represent the true spirit of creative excellence by recognizing all forms of advertising from media of all types, creative by all sizes and entrants of all levels from anywhere in the world. The American Advertising Federation, a not-for-profit industry association conducts the ADDY® Awards through its 200 member advertising clubs and 15 districts. It is the only creative awards program administered by the advertising industry for the industry.